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Alcohol in South Africa (Infographic)


Now this is quite interesting. A new study on Alcohol in South Africa has confirmed that South African consumers turn to their mobile phones when they’re drinking and that 75% of them are likely to post photos on social media sites (like Facebook and Twitter) while they under the influence.

The study on Alcohol in South Africa was commissioned by the largest mobile advertising network, InMobi and  surveyed 500 people over the age of 18 in South Africa. 80% of them confessed that their social media activity increased while they were drinking. 76% said that they will freely chat, SMS and send e-mail while drinking. The study stops short of detailing the consequences of these communications though. Over-35s, who have presumably learned their lessons the hard way, are more likely to surf the web and play mobile games while drinking.

For more details of this study, check out the Infographic on Alcohol in South Africa below:

This is bloody interesting if you ask me. I found this study about Alcohol in South Africa quite enlightening. I must say that I fall into the category of one of those over 35 year olds. I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to drunk texting and drunk dialing. I try to refrain from drunk tweeting and Facebooking  as well – no good comes from this if you ask me.

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