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Alestorm announced for Pirate Fest 2019


Hear ye, hear ye ya scurvy landlubbers! The Sicario Effect’s flagship experience brand, The Kraken is Alive, is ready to melt faces! They’re going to do this with the biggest Pirate Party Rock band in the world: Alestorm! 

They are the first international act for Pirate Fest 2019. This event is happening at Marks Park in Johannesburg on the 7th of September. Alestorm are coming back to South Africa to kick ass and chew gum… and they’re all out of ass!

Alestorm Logo
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Event creators The Sicario Effect promises this festival to be, “unlike anything South Africans have experienced before”. It’s going to be the biggest themed music-and-alcohol festival this side of the Caribbean…

Who the hell are Alestorm again?

Alestorm are a drunken band of pirates on an epic quest to drink your beer, steal your rum and be the greatest damn band that ever sailed the Seven!

From humble beginnings playing shows to farm animals in a field somewhere in Eastern Scotland, the band have evolved into an international party machine. Alestorm are hellbent on conquering album charts and festival stages throughout the world. They have problem doing it with their infectious brand of Pirate Metal and their dashing good looks.

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Somehow they’ve managed to convince hundreds of thousands of people from New Zealand to Argentina to Lithuania and everywhere in between (except Paraguay) that it’s cool to wear a pirate hat and sing stupid songs about getting drunk and stealing ships.

So, prepare your spleens, because Alestorm even have a giant inflatable duck. Does your band have a giant inflatable duck? No. we didn’t think so!

The current members of Alestorm are Christopher Bowes (on vocals & keytar), Máté Bodor (on guitars), Gareth Murdock (on bass), Elliot Vernon (on keyboards) and Peter Alcorn (on drums).

So what’s Pirate Fest 2019 all about?

Pirate Fest 2019 will celebrate all things alcohol, pirates and rock n’ roll. International bands will be duly supported by top local acts and celebrities and a wide selection of alcohol and entertainment throughout the day.

The event is rated ARRR 18+ and tickets are available now. Get them HERE.

Pirate Fest 2019
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I have to admit that I’m bloody excited about this event. I’m definitely going to make an effort to experience it. I guess I should start sharpening my rum drinking skils so long. I should practice my pirate voice.

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