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Americans Try South African Snacks (Video)


South Africans love their snacks. Their’s nothing on Earth that beats the taste of biltong while you’re watching rugby or cricket, nothing on Earth like dipping an Ouma rusk into your tea or coffee in the winter and there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself with some koeksusters or dry wors every now and then.

I’m a huge fan of biltong, it’s definitely one of the five things in life that I can not live without. I sometimes wonder how foreigners would react if they had a chance to sample some of South Africa’s favorite snacks and it seems that my prayers have been answered…

A few days ago the folks at Buzzfeed posted this video featuring Americans enjoying South African snacks. The feedback from this video is pretty damn hilarious. I just wish that the makers of this video made these Americans some coffee so they could truly appreciate the taste of Ouma Rusks.

Let’s hope that Buzzfeed makes a follow up on this video and include some other South African delicacies like Bobotie, Chakalaka, Boerewors, Braaivleis, Mrs Balls Chutney and Oxtail. I wouldn’t mean hearing reactions about them.

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