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An Awkward Social: 10 Facts You didn’t know


A while ago An Awkward Social released a new single entiled “Games”. It’s the title track on his debut album. You’ve probably heard about this electro-folk musician from Pretoria, but you probably don’t know a lot about him…

Here are 10 Facts you didn’t know about An Awkward Social:

1. He’s almost completely deaf in one ear. His left ear was severely damaged from measles when he was young. This left him with cochlea damage and damage to the middle ear bones.

2. He has been writing music since he was young and he still has a flip file called ‘My Songs’. It contains absolutely terrible lyrics from when he was about 11 years old.

3. He’s completely independent with his music. He’s slowly been building his home studio over the years while learning the DAW and how to engineer sound so that he can record, mix and master everything himself. He has also learned how to play various instruments over the years for this purpose. This includes the piano, guitar, trumpet and ukulele.

4. He’s also a software developer and can work in several programming languages. He created his own website and websites for other people to fund his music over the years.

5. The cover art for his first EP, The Art Of Dreaming, was hand painted by Olivia-Jay Pretorius and it hangs proudly in his studio.

An Awkward Social
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6. On the cover art for “Games” is a digital painting of his 2 cats, Winston and Monkey. He likes to reference them in some om his songs.

7. His passion for music comes from his parents (who are also his biggest supporters). His father was a keen drummer and guitarist in his day.

8. An Awkward Social started in high school when he and a friend came up with the name. He has always intended to start releasing music, but with several setbacks during the years it took a long time to gather the tools and courage to make it happen. 1 year ago he released his first demo on SoundCloud and he hasn’t looked back since.

9. In his free time his main passions are gaming and sport. He’s a massive Lions and Arsenal fan. He also enjoys dabbling with cryptocurrencies and design.

10. The instrumentals for his song “Dedicated” was mostly completed back in 2012. He originally never wanted to sing himself, but eventually he found it easier doing it himself, even though he would like to produce for other artists as well.

I’d like to thank An Awkward Social for this info. I wish him all of the best with his future musical endeavors.

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