An Incredibly vague attempt-look at Park Acoustics…

Waking up at 1:13 AM on a Monday morning with a mouth as dry as the Savannah adverts or any girl who has ever been unfortunate enough to sleep with me, usually means one thing: I spent the whole day getting drunk on beer, shots of PO10c, tequila and by the look of my red lips, Tassenberg on Sunday. Looking into the bathroom mirror after swallowing very large quantities of water I can see how red my face has been burnt from the mighty sun.

Standing there, feeling like shit and trying to gather my thoughts and memories of what the fuck happened on Sunday, I finally come to one conclusion. I was at Park Acoustics. The Sunday morning was kind of the same. I woke up confused as fuck. Not remembering how I got home Saturday night, or rather, VERY early Sunday morning. The memories quickly came flooding back when I remembered that  Marc, Armandt, Tamran and me were in the foulest of places, Drop Zone. Anyway, I woke up on Sunday morning with a headache but I was actually feeling better than I expected. Outside of my room door I could hear my parents getting ready for church to repent while I was getting ready to spend another day making brand new sins.

Armandt stopped by my place feeling much worse than me with Tamran in the passenger seat feeling worse than Armandt. Vicious cycle. The three of us got into the little Chevrolet bakkie and went on our way to go do some early morning shopping at one of the many liquor stores in my valley, in Pretoria Tuine. After getting a few beers and Armandt getting a Cream Soda and two Appletizers (believing that Cream Soda will make him feel better while I steadily believed in the “bitten by the hair of the dog” theory), we were on our way through the Daspoort tunnel. The excitement really started to kick in or maybe it was just a side effect from all of the exhaust fumes in there. We were at this point busy with a beer, passing it between the three of us while Armandt changes gears right between my legs, with his hand touching my balls every time he goes into 2nd. He got 2nd gear and 3rd base in one swift movement.

Park Acoustics 01


We were early and the gates weren’t open yet, so we stood in the sun alternating between who gets to sit on the cooler and talking shit and dragging a gazebo along when the line started moving. After 30 minutes later, another beer surfaced and getting asked by the lady at the door if I can read, we were finally deep in Park Acoustics and looking for space to get that gazebo up (because getting skin cancer wasn’t on our agenda for the day especially in our fragile state).

All three of us were still too brain damaged to even think to bring sunscreen. After choosing a spot where we got chased away by the security guard we got one right behind the sound tent. After recruiting a fellow Park Acoustic attendee to help out with the gazebo we were sorted (sort of). The little hill turned out to be quite a challenge for anyone who was thinking about lying on a blanket: it just turned into a giant slide, so Armandt actually took a running dive on the blanket and slid against the guy who helped us to set up our gazebo.

The rest of our crew gradually started showing up and the festivities were properly under way. The first act on the Main Stage were The December Streets (a band that I actually really enjoyed). It was a great way to get the day going and the Two Door Cinema Club cover got me bouncy as fuck – Yes, I was already drunk all over again by this point.

Park Acoustics 02

Over the course of the whole day my eyes were more focused on the hundreds and hundreds of extremely hot girls in attendance. If you want to see what kind of girls Pretoria has to offer come to Park Acoustics. Not only do they obviously have good taste in music, they are beautiful and mostly very friendly. Especially when looking for a lighter. Armandt, Tamran and me got into a conversation of how cool it would be if Park Acoustics were on a Saturday because you could enjoy the whole day getting drunk and then after they close you could go out to an Arcade after party or something. You’d be able to go all out because you would not be working the next day.

No matter how much you’re enjoying yourself, the thought in the back of your mind telling you “I have to get up for work at 05:30 AM” is constantly present, but that didn’t stop us at all – but tradition is tradition. Park Acoustics held on any other day just won’t be the same. Parklife was held on a Friday in March (and it was a public holiday) and it was really fun, but it just wasn’t the same as the almighty Park Acoustics.

Park Acoustics 03

At 1 o clock I moved up to the acoustic stage to meet up with Marc and Maru for Bye Beneco. I just want to point something out. Bye Beneco might be the best band in South Africa. They are so unique, so awkward and so good. Take Al Bairre for example (and take note that I’ve got nothing personal against them). They are a good band, but they are very overrated for me. Bye Beneco is very underrated.  If I could have chosen a band to open for Alt-J at Vodacom In The City last year there wouldn’t have been a more perfect band than Bye Beneco. The backup vocalist looks like my sister so that also a cool factor. After Bye Beneco we just drifted around steadily getting drunker and drunker.

Park Acoustics 04

I hugged the lead singer from Bye Beneco, we took some photos with random people at that GAP photo thing (are at least I think it was GAP). We watched some Al Bairre and then Jeremy Loops came up on the Main Stage. I saw Jeremy Loops at my first Park Acoustics and I’ve seen him at many others after that as well. If there is one artist that suits this one day “festival” perfectly, it’s him. Some days I sit at my boring desk at work thinking about what I can throw together for Running Wolf’s Rant while staring at some spread sheet on Excel, appearing to look busy with earphones on and then suddenly “Mission To The Sun” by Jeremy pops up on the playlist and all I can think about is Park Acoustics.

I can imagine myself sitting there on the grass howling away with the song with a beer in my hand.  The energy Park Acoustics has when he gets on stage is crazy. Everyone is so happy. I don’t know if they’re just drunk or on shrooms or something but it’s electric and everything just works and fits. Now, at this point there isn’t much to tell because this is the point where my beer was finished and I had to go to my very good friend Mr. Tassenberg for some support, so I walked down with my buddies to the main stage with the bottle of tassies in hand for St. Lucia (who I was really excited to see since I got their album from Marc). I gave it a listen and instantly loved what came out of my speakers.

Park Acoustics 05

Standing there and waiting, we took a photo with a ginger that looked just like our friend Carel and Marc took a photo of me standing awkwardly behind the one girl from Bye Beneco who looks like my sister. St. Lucia started and the crowd went wild. They played and to be honest I can’t remember much of their show. I know it was great and fun but at this point my brain hit its trip switch and I simply can’t remember any details. I just remember my friends asking me if I was coming to Ocean Basket with them and then I vaguely remember seeing the lead singer from Saarkie (and then I obviously also hugged her) and then we left for Ocean Basket. So, I would say that it was a highly successful Park Acoustics day once again.

I just wish I remembered more and got to party with some people I was hoping to bump into there. Props to Willie and them for putting such a great show together year in and year out. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work.

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