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An Interview John Browne from Monuments


UK Progressive Metal act Monuments will be returning to South Africa for a 2 show tour in August 2019. It’s been 4 years since they’ve played at Krank’d Up Festival so fans are definitely feeling amped for their return.

I recently had a chat to Monuments guitarist John Browne about their upcoming tour and a few other things. This is what they had to say…

How has the touring been, and have you played in new countries?

It’s been insane! We took a little break from the road and since coming back we’ve had such an amazing reception. New spots include New Zealand,  and a bunch of stuff in South America, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Brazil!

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How was the Latin America tour?

So nuts, crazy conditions and the most passionate fans ever!

What was your favourite part about travelling to South Africa?

I think just the fact that our music took us there at all is amazing. Other than that the people, the sights and the show were all life highlights for sure. We waited so long for Phronesis, and I am enjoying it thoroughly! Four years was well worth the wait.

What was the writing process like? What was the inspiration for the name of the album?

Fairly quick and collaborative, but we ended up sitting on the instrumental material for a while waiting for vocals to be finished.

Phronesis means Knowledge acquired through practical experience. So it can mean a different thing to different people yet we all share this same experience at the same time.

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Are The Amenuensis and Phronesis connected?


Who wrote the opening riff for “Vanta”?

That riff is just the creamy goodness in the donut of life! That’s a Browne moment. I agree. Glazed to perfection.

What key is Mirror Image in? Any chance of a YouTube play through on Bass and Guitars?

D#. We’de love to but we all live in different parts of the country and time can be hard to navigate when you’re in a touring band!

Stygian Blue has some really awesome riffs. The unison with the drums and Adam on Bass is awesome, and the vocal performance is quality. The song has an awesome raw aggression. What was the influence behind the song?

Happiness, smiles and unicorn dreams.

I’d like to thank John Browne and Monuments for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their future musical endeavors.

Monuments will be jamming at Mercury in Cape Town on the 9th of August and at Platteland in Centurion on the 10th of August 2019. Tickets are priced at R330. The band will be supported by Deity’s Muse & Thread of Omen in Cape Town and by Deity’s Muse and Red Helen in Centurion. Get your tickets HERE.

If you’re not familiar with Monuments, check out their lyric video for their song “A.W.O.L.” below…

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