An Interview with 2 okes from Fuzigish

In case you did not know, South African Punk Rock legends Fuzigish will be playing at Dirty Rotten Tequila Festival this weekend in Johannesburg and shit is most likely going to get serious if you ask me…

I recently had a chat to Jay Bones and Rockwell from Fuzigish about this and a few other things. This is what they had to say…

You’re playing Dirty Rotten Tequila Festival this weekend, do you guys like tequila, and who can take the most shots of tequila in a night?

Rockwell: To be honest we drink anything that is put in front of us really. It’s never really a competition though. I do remember, on the Frenzal Rhomb tour, I tried to outdrink a journo that came on the tour with us. He won.

Jay Bones: I love Tequila, but I will not be in a tequila drinking competition again. 

What can fans expect from the show? Will there be something extra?

Rockwell: Extra? Sure! Tom has cut off all his dreads after 12 years, and you get to see men in their 40’s playing punk rock.

An Interview with 2 okes from Fuzigish 3

This year marks 21 years of Fuzigish, any special celebrations or new stuff in the pipe line?

Rockwell: We have been keeping a low key since I moved down to Cape Town and Jay Bones has been touring with Rambling Bones, Willy has been working on his projects and playing with the Slashdogs and Tom has been on tour overseas with Vulvodynia. We were taking a bit of a break but I’m sure we will start working on new material as we get excited to be playing again.

Jay Bones: 21 is a good number. I think we need to do something and we need to play some shows outside of Gauteng soon!

You guys played at so many venues, gigs and festival over the years. What gigs / festivals stand out for you guys?

Rockwell: For me, the ‘Purple Turtle’ in Cape town all those moons ago was one of my favourite shows. I realised that people knew us outside JHB, which was insane.

Jay Bones: Good call Rockwell and a top memory, but this is an impossible question to answer and usually I would say our last show was the best.

After 21 years in the industry is this where you saw Fuzigish going all those years ago?

Rockwell: No. Signed to Hellcat Records was where I saw us, but time had other plans.

Jay Bones: That would be rad. I had no idea we would last 21years. Thats crazy talk

If you could say something or give advice to your younger self 21 years ago, what would it be?

Rockwell: Stop fucking stressing and worrying all the time you idiot! You make people miserable when you do! 

At this moment in SA there is no MK , no Blunt Magazine , and no rock radio stations. How hard is it to bring fans closer to rock and do you guys have any suggestions? You guys were part of those eras after all

Rockwell: We have seen the change. Skateboarding went through the same thing and now it is booming again. We play Punk Ska which is great because we have die-hard fans at the shows that love the party we put out, so it’s usually packed.

Do you guys have a routine or ritual before a show to get you amped?

Rockwell: We make sure we are backstage an hour before to hang out and have a few drinks and talk shit. Before then the amping comes from seeing all our friends and the repeat faces from the shows. The fans that never fail the Fuz! We fucking love them.

Last question, so this will be a silly one… Do you guys have a guilty pleasure song?

Rockwell: Not sure what you’re asking here at all but in my old age I am getting dumber.

Jay Bones: So so many but not anything as bad as Big Willy’s guilty pleasures.

I’d like to thank Jay and Rockwell and Fuzigish for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their set this weekend and their future musical endeavors.

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