An Interview with Andi Cappo of Caution Boy

Andi Cappo is one of those guys who can make stuff happen. With 8 albums in the bag,
Caution Boy is hitting the local music scene hard and fast! Here is a quick interview with
the man behind the music. His band released their new album, Spastic Plastic, on the 4th of May 2018.

How long has Caution Boy been on the music scene? Tell us about the origins of Caution Boy and how it came into being.

Well, Caution Boy started in 2006 as a solo recording project, but was called AK-47 and then two years later, Hazard Man. Both names were taken by rappers later, funny enough. I always joked and said Caution Boy was Hazard Man’s sidekick. Haha. It all started with recording songs in my living room, using anything I had lying around, from beat up acoustic guitars, old conference mics I borrowed from a friend, tape recorders, etc. But Caution Boy as such started in 2016 after El Meister from Angry Violent Vultures helped set up an old PC we used many years prior to record our 1st album as teenagers in my living room and set a goal to release a song a week for a year, which was realized by the end of 2017.

A new release from Caution Boy on the 4th of May! Happy days! Tell us about Spastic Plastic. How long did it take to record?

Thank you very much. Pretty proud of this album, unlike when I wrote and recorded 13 songs in 13 days for the debut CB album titled “Eleven”. Because I only used 11 songs, Spastic Plastic took about 6 months to finish. The reason it took longer than the others is I wanted to do a collaboration with a different artist on every song, which can be a scheduling nightmare, but was totally worth it.

Caution Boy - Spastic Plastic

Eight albums later and it seems Caution Boy is on a roll! What are your immediate future plans in terms of performances? We’d like to see you live!

When I was bartending at a pub in 2015-2016 I was stuck watching these “sokkie bokkie” performers with their backtracks and thought: I am going to make a joke of it and do a “rock ‘n roll” version of it; jump on peoples tables, step on their food and stuff you know. Haha. I have done a few solo performances, as well as acoustic performances from my lighter albums, but when you’re already actively playing live in 2 other bands (Angry Violent Vultures and Apocalypse Later) and have a demanding day job it’s rather difficult. But in the future I’m planning to assemble some studio musicians to be my backing band.

“My Daily Meth” is my favourite song on the album! The whole album rocks hard! Lots of collaborations with artists like Apocalypse Later and Karaoke Machine of Death among many. Tell us about the dynamics of working with other artists.

Thank you very much. It was the 1st song I recorded for the album. There are a lot of incredibly talented artists in Gauteng and I thought it would be amazing to have a pinch of that on my album. And everyone added an awesome unique flavour to their songs and made me think outside my own box. In fact, a lot of ideas I had in mind changed. It’s fantastic allowing these exceptional humans into your world and changing your perspective. Even the artwork was a collaboration.

Yes, Gene Crow is a very talented man! The artwork is fantastic. So, where does the name “Caution Boy” originate from?

As I said earlier, seeing as all the names I had before were taken, Caution Boy was Hazard Man’s trusty sidekick. But it also stems from me being a very shy kid and being overcautious.

Where can we purchase your new album or listen to it?

Currently you can listen and purchase all my albums on Bandcamp, but plans to get it on all major mediums are in the works.

I’d like to thank Andi and Caution Boy for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their future musical adventures.

If you’re not familiar with their sound, listen to the album below:

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