An Interview with Deon Bakkes (without his stolen horses)

Deon Bakkes & The Stolen Horses are one of the acts who will be performing at Ginapalooza in Pretoria this coming weekend.

In case you didn’t know, Deon Bakkes & The Stolen Horses bring a new light to Gypsy Jazz that incorporates the classic blend of European gypsy melody and 1930’s swing, with a modern attitude rooted in Hard Bop Jazz, Punk and Rock ‘n Roll.

Deon Bakkes & the Stolen Horses by Christelle Duvenage

I recently had a chat to Deon Bakkes (without the presence of his stolen horses) about Ginapalooza and a few other things. This is what he had to say:

When you think of Ginapalooza, what comes to mind?

Honestly… a majestic appaloosa colt sipping on fine gin in the midday sun.

How would Deon Bakkes describe his love for gin?

All I can say is gin ain’t no sin baby.

Have you found any of your stolen horses yet and if so, where did you find them?

I’ve located a few. Some were up mountains and some were near rivers.. But to keep track of them is far too much admin. So I usually just blow my trumpet and see who is within earshot.

Who would win in a celebrity deathmatch between Justin Bieber and Kanye West and why?

Kanye West obviously. Because he is the next Nelson Mandela. And who in their right mind will fight Nelson Mandela?

What can we expect from you at Ginapalooza?

We’re planning a jazzier set, as a slight break from the intense punk-driven chaos that we’ve become known for. So expect our soloist’s to rotate on the tunes and deliver their impressions. We also have a new drummer that will debut at Ginapalooza, as well as a recently added flighty filly on accordion and piano. Beyond that.. expect us to get drunk. Very drunk.

I’d like thank Deon Bakkes for this interview and I wish him and his band the best with their performance at Ginapalooza this weekend and their future musical endeavors. If you haven’t seen them live yet, you should really make a plan, their live performances are never something short of magnificent.

If you don’t have tickets for Ginapalooza yet, get them HERE. The event is happening on Saturday at 012 Central in Pretoria and the festivities start at 12 noon.

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