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An Interview with Goldfish


I’m not a huge fan of electronic music, but I’m definitely a fan of electronica / dance group Goldfish. For those of you who did not know, The “Fishies” hail from Cape Town, South Africa and they have been making waves in the music scene over the last few years. Dominic Peters and David Poole are the members of Goldfish.  I had the privilege of watching them perform at La Med in Cape Town in December 2009 and if you ask me these okes know how to get a party started. They even got an old-school rocker like me to dance (true story).

Goldfish create dance music containing elements of jazz and African music, combining live instruments like double bass, saxophones, keyboards, flute, and vocals with samplers, effects and synths. They have opened for many international acts like Basement Jaxx, Faithless, Fatboy Slim, Mr Scruff, Audio Bullys, Paul van Dyk, Pete Tong and the Stereo MCs. Goldfish have played at venues all around the world (Dubai, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, etc). They have also received a record amount of SAMA nominations and have been featured in publications around the globe. The “Fishies” are definitely one of SA’s top exports (in my humble opinion).

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Dominique from Goldfish, this is what he had to say:

Did you ever think that Goldfish would be this big when you first started out? I think anyone starting a band is hoping to be successful and achieve their goals. Anyone who says otherwise is definitely fibbing or pretending not to care. We still want to grow what we do so much more around the world, we’re just getting started. From a music perspective it’s a constant journey towards perfection, even if it’s just for ourselves.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened while you were on stage? Well… Sakhile our singer is probably going to kill me but the story is too funny not to tell… we were doing a massive New Year’s party last year and Sakhile jumped onto the crowd barrier and was singing on the railing over the crowd with his eyes closed. Some girls were grabbing at him shall we say in a carnal fashion and he carried on singing, enjoying the attention. When he opened his eyes he saw that it was actually a guy doing it with a big grin on his face as a joke… Fantasy over!

You are releasing the “Get Busy Living – Remixed” Album Soon…. What Can Fans Expect from this album? It’s a selection of amazing remixes from DJs and producers around the world, including South Africa. There are some absolute SMASHERS on there and it’s also a feather in our cap that Fedde le Grande offered to do one. It’s Goldfish re-interpreted for the dance floor and it’s great to hear all the different takes on our tracks.

If you could describe the 3D Summer event at Montecasino in 2 words what would it be? Threeeee Deeeeeeee

You’ve toured around the world extensively, but which country would you like to do a gig in that you haven’t been to, and why? Not sure if there is a country we haven’t been to that we still really want to play as we’ve definitely covered our wish list… the trick is to play better gigs in bigger venues in those countries. Madison Square Gardens in New York would be amazing.

What are you currently working on? We’re currently working on lots of new material, remixes for the live show and some cool music video concepts… as well as gigging like crazy! It’s not Get Busy Living, it’s Get Busy Touring for us. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

Running Wolf’s Rant would like to take this opportunity to thank Goldfish for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish them the best of luck with all of their future endeavors! FYI: Goldfish will be performing live at the Teatro at Montecasino in Jozi tomorrow night (the 25th of November 2011), get your butt over there and support SA Music, its the right thing to do.

You can find Goldfish at these channels online:

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