Mieliepop 2018: An Interview with Hellcats

In case you did not know, Hellcats are one of the acts who will be opening for Incubus this Saturday in Pretoria at the Voortrekker Monument Amphitheater. These boytjies will also be playing at Mieliepop Festival in March.

I recently had a chat to Warwick Rautenbach (the guitarist in the band) about their two upcoming shows and a few other things. This is what he had to say:

What have you cool cats been up to lately?

Well we’ve been pretty quiet gig wise cos we took most of December and January off to get fat and hungover a lot. It’s also gave us time to continue writing some new material which we’re excessively aroused about.

We’ve got some huge tracks which we’ve started testing out and dropping into our shows here and there and they’ve been going down a treat which is rad for us. Other than that I’ve really been getting better at fly kicks when I’m drunk and Alessandro finished Candy crush for like the 4th time, so Ja, I guess we’ve been pretty productive of late.

HellcatsYou were recently announced as one of the opening acts for the Incubus concerts in SA. How did it feel when you were announced and how excited are you about it?

Considering Hellcats started out as a fuck around with no real goals, the Incubus announcement was a pretty Fucking big deal for us. Al is also a huge fan of  the band and actually used to play along to Incubus songs back in the day to learn drums so that full circle vibe is a real thing. It’s a real honor to be opening for this international giant and aside from that, the local lineup is probably the best bill we’ve ever been on.

Who would win in a celebrity deathmatch between Spounge Bob & Pokemon and why?

Pokemon would probably win because the fights always used to be dragged out for so fuckin long in those Pokemon episodes. Sponge Bob would probably just die of old age eventually, or more likely – boredom.

Which acts are you looking forward to see at Mieliepop 2018?

DZ Deathrays, Boo!, Femi Koya. Retro Dizzy and Sol Gems.

What can we expect from you okes at Mieliepop 2018?

New music, an on stage surprise and Alessandro and I having a drunken old couple argument at 6 in the morning while we’re packing up our tent.

I’d like to thank Warwick and Hellcats for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their sets at the Incubus concert and at Mieliepop 2018. If you haven’t seen them live yet and you like rock ‘n roll make sure that you catch them live, you will not be disappointed.

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