Punk Acoustics: An Interview with Jay Bones from Fuzigish

I was curious to find out what you can expect at Punk Acoustics and what some of the acts will get up to, so I decided to conduct a Fuzigish Interview via e-mail.

Here’s what lead guitarist / vocalist Jay Bones had to say…

I first heard you guys on the Family Business Compilation. It had so many legends on it, like Skirtbox, Vendetta Cartel, Hog Hoggidy Hog and Ignorance is Typical. How has the industry changed since the early 2000s?

It has changed immensley. it has gotten bigger for one. There are more platforms to access the music on, I mean vinyl has made a comeback who knows…tape may be next.

Fuzigish photo by Christelle Duvenage -  Jay Bones

The scene itself of punk rock in South Afric has not neccessarily died, but I would say it has dissolved. In addition, when you get more regular international acts, then the public are more intrigued by that act, rather than a local one, but in essence time changes everything and time also sometimes brings everything back to a starting point.

Plus, all those bands you mentioned, some of them don’t live in SA anymore, some have stopped playing music all together and most of us have grown up… kinda. There needs to be a younger punk movement to come in and carry the torch, and that requires a lot of DIY.

Will you guys be playing a chilled set at Punk Acoustics or will you be looking for members to join the Skankers Union?

We will have an extra brass on some of the songs, but for the most part it will just be the band. With everyone being distanced geographically, the bands does not get as much time to rehearse and experiment with new formula, etc.

If there is an idea, the band is very good at laying it out in advance so that everyone can prepare their part. Malcolm will practice in Cape Town, Tom will practice in Durban, etc. We usually try fit in a rehearsal before a show.

Can we also expect a set from Rambling Bones?

Ah, unfortunaltey not. There are odd moments where Rambling Bones and Fuzigish are on the same line-up, maybe at a festival on different days, etc. But both on the same day we don’t really do. We are pushing 40+ so rather stick to just the one set hahaha.

So its been 6 years since Crazy Friends was released. Is there a new album in the works?

There is tinkering.

Out of all the gigs you guys have played, which venue had the craziest crowd or Jay Bones?

I can’t speak for the band & I’ve been with them for quite some time: almost 15 years. But, we once played a show in Grahamstown and the crowd was so insane. The stage broke and our sound guy had to tape the table for the sound desk to the floor because it was bouncing up and down. When we finished the whole band was soaked and steam was rising off their faces. We have not been back yet I think, haha

Fuzigish photo by Christelle Duvenage 2

When did the beer bong become a thing? How do we kick ass on Bass and Trombone like William does? Does he give lessons?

That has been part of the family for a while. I don’t know the origin, but it’s basically one of the instruments used in the show. It used have a ‘male apendage’ attached to it, which made plane flights…interesting. Especially at check-in…

Are the crazy drums on Fuzigish songs a welcome break for Tom who also plays drums for Vulvodynia?

Tom is so well versed as a drummer. I think he likes all styles because they are all challenging in their own way.

The dudes in The Shabs play an upright bass. Will there ever be upright bass on a Fuzigish track?

Who knows, maybe. Unfortunately with Malcolm living in Cape Town, the practically of an electric bass is way easier, so it would need some hard thinking.

Are there any new songs that fans can look forward to at Punk Acoustics? Should fans take a listen to setlist to prepare for party time?

It is indeed pinyata suprise. Expect some classics and some suprises. but basically, expect a Fuzi set.

Well, that’s a wrap. I’d like to thank Jay Bones for the interview. I wish him and Fuzigish all of the best for Punk Acoustics this weekend. If you don’t have tickets yet, get them HERE.

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