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An Interview with the folks at Redrock Brewing Company


Redrock Brewing Company is one of the breweries who will be selling their brews at 2018’s edition of Capital Craft Beer Festival (which is happening in Pretoria the National Botanical Gardens on the 16th of June). I recently had a chat to one of the okes who works for this brewery. This is what he had to say…

Where does the name “The Redrock Brewing Company” come from?

Taking inspiration from rock legends and songs, the Redrock range celebrates life, music and great times. For many, Rock is not merely about the music; it’s a way of life that symbolizes freedom, rebelliousness, creativity and non-conformity – a universally shared history. Redrock beers are a celebration of all that is good!

What do you like the most about beer?

At Redrock Brewing Company we look at beer beyond the product itself. For us it represents great times, from a small get-together with your closest mates to celebrating life’s bigger occasions and special events. I love that beer can add to rocking moments and memories.

What makes your brews different from other brewers’ beers?

I love the fact that beer can be as complex or straightforward as the brewer chooses it to be. With rock ’n roll as our core influence we want all our beers to resonate with freedom and non-conformity. Each one of our Redrock variants are unique in style, taste and character. Our beers are brewed to be enjoyed and we love the fact that people tasting our range for the first time always find a favourite amongst our rocking line-up.

What is your favourite quote about beer?

I’ve got to go with our own quote or Redrock philosophy: “Malt, hops and Rock ‘n Roll”.

What is your favorite drinking song?

Wow, this is a tough one as we have so many here at RedRock. Currently I might go with “Paint it black” by The Rolling Stones. The song inspired our limited edition dark lager called “Painted Black”.

What can expect from you at Capital Craft 2018?

Rocking good beer! Redrock will be there in full force with all our variants from the “Rusty Trigger” to our “Nine Inch Ale”. But as something a little special, we’ll be showcasing two of our newest creations. We have the robust “8 String Imperial IPA” that will be on tap and of course as just mentioned our Bamberg-style, “Painted Black Dark Lager”.

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you at a beer festival?

It’s hard to pinpoint one. I always find guys busting out their best dance moves at the end of a beer festival funny. Beer, music and a bit of confidence always delivers something comical. I’m sure Capital Craft 2018 will have some epic stories too.

I’d like to thank the okes at Redrock Brewing Company for this interview and I wish them all of the best with Capital Craft 2018. If you don’t have your tickets to what is most-likely going to be one of the social highlights on Gauteng’s calendar this year yet, get yours here NOW!

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