An Open Letter to Sunette Bridges and her followers

Sunette Bridges Hi Sunette & your team (of racist followers)

I’m a young, virile, white, Afrikaans man. Unfortunately I have to write this letter in English.  I’m not sure what your linguistic capabilities are, but I’m sure if you put your mind to it you’ll be able to figure some of it out.  I have to warn you that I am going to use some complicated words & phrases but if you struggle reading this for some reason, I’m sure you can get your good friend Dan Roodt to help. It will also contain sarcasm.  I have found that most racist Afrikaners are quite familiar with it even though they might not be aware of the English definition of it.

I grew up in a small town & I have been dealing with racists like you for my entire life & I am tired.  I’m tired of people like you telling me how I should live my life. I’m tired of hearing about how many white people are killed by black people.  I’m tired of you telling me that I am a disgrace to my people & my country & to my ancestors. I’m tired of people like you pretending that you were in this country first & that the world & this country owes you a debt for having a white skin. I’m tired of you quoting the bible & invoking god as if white Afrikaners wrote it.  I’m tired of people like you degrading other people when you share the exact DNA.

Who do you think you are? Does the fact that you have white skin make you better than any other living person on this planet? Does your white skin entitle you to lands & honours? Does your white skin give you the right to claim land which your race took away from the people who originally inhabited it?

It doesn’t. This has to stop.  Let me help you out with a little bit of information.

You & me are both white & we weren’t the first people in Africa & we definitely weren’t the first white people in Southern Africa. Neither were our ancestors.  But I know how you feel about facts & history so it’s probably pointless to tell you about how deoxyribonuclic acid & evolution works… It’s all just a bunch of made up facts thrown around by left wing liberal cowards anyway.. Oh, and let us not forget the hand the devil has in all this polony…

But let’s do it anyway… Your earliest ancestors are black. You share one hundred percent of your human DNA with these ancestors. The exact same chromosomes in you are found in Zulu people, Chinese people, Enuits & other indigenous people around this world.  Your great ancestors are monkeys. No Sunette, this is not an insult.  I mean actual monkeys. I know it’s a very hard thing to hear since this is not what they teach in Sunday school. You share 99% of the same DNA & if you speak to a molecular biologist he’ll be able to show you exactly where our chromosomes mutated & what the slight difference between the stance of our DNA & that of other higher primates is at this point.

So you might at this point wonder : “What point is he trying to make?” Well, here goes..

We are the same. All of us. White, black, pink, yellow. We have the same blood, the same genetic material & the same common ancestors.  You are no better than me biologically just because you have  white skin.  I don’t have even have white skin but I’m as white as they get genetically.

There is however, a difference between yourself & I. I use my brain. I use it to think critically. I use it research my world & issues around me.  I use my brain to find out more.  You use your brain to condone hate & your platform to push made up statistics as if they are fact. I don’t use my brain to judge people on the color of their skin or where they come from.  I know better than that. I think before I write things.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that white people haven’t made a substantial contribution to this country. They have. Unfortunately for you though, we weren’t the only ones.

Are white people dying in farm attacks? Yes.  Are white people suffering. Yes. But people get killed everyday.  Thousands of people are murdered everyday.  Thousands are born dead. White, black etc.. You use statistics but I’m not sure if you understand them?

You are part of what is called a minority.  Yes.  It means there are less of us than other ethnic groups.  The reason that you are part of minority is also very clear. A lot of your ethnic group was murdered by the English in the Boer War.  You should remember that event.. You act as if you were there..

If you hate this country & it’s people so much then leave.  Technically you have no ancestral right to it anyway.  Neither do I. But this is MY country. The Indian, Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, San, Sotho, Tswana, Venda people & all the others are MY people. And there are more of us than there are you. So if you don’t like it, get out.  We have real problems to deal with.

Yours Sincerely

J.J. ‘the Phoenix’ van Rooyen

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Kobus Van Rooyen

Band Booking Agent, Tour Manager / Roadside Philosopher & Free Thinker.

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  1. Swartskaap

    I understand why you’re ranting , but I have to say that this article is rather offensive toward Afrikaners in general , regardless of their political affiliations or persuasions. I also don’t agree with the far-right , nor the left and I’m totally capable of judging for myself what is wrong and right. I understand we have a substantial amount of problems in this beautiful country of ours , but ignoring the plight of a minority is irresponsible. Agriculture is the corner stone for many economies in the world, and fact that we’re not taking farm murders serious just because political affiliations, gives me little comfort for the future on the basis of increased racial tension as well as sustainable food production. You have the right to protect your Afrikaner identity , talk Afrikaans loud and proud, and strive for greater Afrikaner self-determination, thus the basis of a democratic multicultural nation , which allows the representation of different ethnic and culture groups within a single federal government. The myth is that Afrikaners are all alike , yet I believe Afrikaners are in essence as drivers as the country we live in and we should embrace those differences, for it brings great insight and perspective towards problem solving. We have all been here together for a long time , and no one is going anywhere, so together we can build a stronger country whilst still being Proudly Afrikaans.
    “Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    1. Kobus Van Rooyen

      I have to say that i don’t care if you are offended. You speak about culture as if it is a thing that remains constant. it isn’t. Every culture has to either adapt or die out completely. One thing is certain though. It won’t remain the same. I do however agree with you that Afrikaners are important to the welfare of our nation. I have no problem with someone being proudly Afrikaans. I’m proud of being Afrikaans, but I also grew up between black people & thus I’m proud of my place there too.

    2. Dee Altenburger

      Afrikaners are not popular because we are Christian (or were at least) and because we say it like it is, not like others want to believe it is. Don’t bother with these peoples nonsense, they will never understand – there’s some wires crossed there.

  2. Wallie Welgens

    Another Boere liberal who voted PFP and prayed for 50 years that the Nats stay in power. What are you doing to improve living conditions and race relations?

    1. Kobus Van Rooyen

      I vote for whomever is the best suited to run our country & I don’t pray. I am an atheist. What do I do to improve living conditions & race relations you ask? I work with lots of charity organizations. I donate to worthy causes when I can. I clean the streets of Pretoria on weekends. I volunteer at shelters & old age homes. What do you do?

  3. JPN

    Dear author of this article,

    Please find in the link provided, the scientific opinion of one of the scientists that discovered deoxyribonucliec acid (DNA). Even he know that there are genetic differences between races. Who are you to disagree with that? What qualifications do you hold? How many academic articles on the topic have you published in recognised international journals?

    Seriously man, keep your biased views to yourself if you can’t support them with verifiable facts. That is all.

    1. Kobus Van Rooyen

      Dear JPN

      Please don’t use the Daily Mail as a source for scientific evidence. Anyone with any knowledge of tabloid newspapers knows that they are considered the laughing stock of journalism in the UK. There are slight genetic differences between races yes, they are called mutations.

      Seriously man, if you don’t like what you read here, I don’t care.

      1. Barend

        Kobus..Ek het ook lank terug aan die tandmuis en kersvader geglo..die klein verskil [ mutations ] tussen my en jou is, dat ek n baie slimmer aap as jy is..

        1. Amanda

          Uitstekend gestel Barend. Se ek ook mos.

        2. Elise Bauling

          Kon dit nie beter gestel het nie

  4. louisemab

    As far as I have seen, she has been protesting against farm murders. That is not by definition racist. Nor does it mean that if you should choose to raise awareness of a particular issue – blindness, ME, baby rapes – it means that you are deliberately justifying every other misfortune or injustice. She has every right to raise awareness of farm murders. A few years ago, transit robberies received a similar spotlight, – but the government DID something about it, and today they are not a major social phenomenon. It is perfectly fine to ask why farm murders do not receive similar treatment. Likewise, it is not racist to question the agenda of a government that remains silent on the matter. What I despise about the letter – and I mean despise is the easy relativisation of farm attacks – its just one more thing – people die every day. So what… Are we then supposed to ignore it?

    1. Kobus Van Rooyen

      Hi Louise

      I do agree with you that protests against farm murders are not in essence racist. There should definitely be a raise in awareness & people shouldn’t get murdered for any reason. My problem comes in when people insinuate that all of these attacks are done purely out of hate for white farmers, when we know it is not the case. I have black friends who own farms who have also been victims of farm attacks.

      1. Johan Smal

        Were these black friends of yours attacked by white people? If an intruder is caught in the act and then attacks the home owner it can be seen in that context, but if they break into a home in the morning and then wait for the elderly occupants to return hours later in order to torture and kill them, that is surely not the same. If you break into a home, kill the occupants and then only steal a cellular telephone, that is also surely a racist attack.

      2. Andreas Meyer

        Be that as it may (the friends part) that Blacks get also robbed or murdered doesn’t disprove that the farm murders are done with political or racial motivations. And there is a good link between what is happening and sung by ANC politicians (Not only Malema).

  5. Steven

    Why did you feel the need to mention that you are virile? In your very first sentence you already set the tone for an overly long pseudo intellectual diatribe of drivel. What business do you have using words like deoxyribonuclic acid? I don’t see the word molecular biologist in the egotistical shrine dedicated to your ego you call a ‘BIO’ . Your failed attempt at a science lecture is misguided and ultimately served no purpose.

    White people are a minority because casualties suffered on the boer war? At this point I am just starting to think you are stupid. It is clear that in fact cultural differences with regards to family planning is the only reason worth considering here. White people technically have no ancestral right according to you,yet all people are from the same ancestry!

    Yes different races share almost 100% of their DNA,yet there are VAST genetic differences in the way we look,athletic performance and intelligence. Controversial,yet well documented.

    We do live in one of the most murderous and violent countries in the world. Your sense of brotherhood and complacency does not change this cold hard fact. You cannot deny the fact that there are cultural meme differences at play for differing attitudes towards woman,rape and entitlement to riches without dedication and hard work in at least a significant subset of ‘Africans’

    Sunette may not be going about it in the correct way,but at least she is taking a stance against crime. What have you done lately besides write silly little blogs to serve your ego?

    1. Kevin

      Must admit this was a well stated intelligent reponse.

    2. Swartskaap

      Well said Steven. Most people on here especially the “author” need salsa to go with the chips on their shoulders

  6. shame

    what a waste of paper!

    you think you know something about the history and our ancestors but you knowledge is very basic, maybe you should do a more in-dept investigation on this subject.

    you know nothing about the history of this country – how old are you? 30?

    We would love to live in peace with every one in this country but it is impossible with a president that sing “kill the boer” whenever he gets the opportunity… that import 1000’s of people from the neighboring countries and give them work and voting rights so that they can/should vote for the so-and-so; that invite the chinese and catogorise them as black so that there can be some brains under the BEE concept. All this whilst 26% of the South African nation is stuck without work…

    Everything in this country is covered under a blanket of corruption – from the police to the pres.
    Our country is failing the people. White genocide – yes if we are murdered on purpose. If the purpose is to lessen the amount of whites in the country, then definitely. Rassist is a word that is being abused that is why people like myself and Sunette talks about it tongue in the cheek.

    How many alternatives are there?
    Shouldn’t the pres. do something about the murders in the country, shouldn’t he say something to stop the hatred and the abuse? I read the conservative number of murders in this country since 1994 is now 300000 – nice isn’t it? Rainbow nation? How?

    You complain about 20000 – 30000 people on facebook that are more right-winged than you are… That leaves at least 1.25 million that is prepared to build on the dream of a rainbow nation; why not concentrate on that?

    Why is that people like Sunette and Steve upset you so much? Cause they know more than you?

    Start building JJ if you can…

  7. Francois de Wet

    @ the Phoenix (Probably some sad geek picking macho names to sound cool or something)……God help us all!!

    This is what you said………

    “You & me are both white & we weren’t the first people in Africa & we definitely weren’t the first white people in Southern Africa. Neither were our ancestors.”

    “But let’s do it anyway… Your earliest ancestors are black. You share one hundred percent of your human DNA with these ancestor”

    This is what I am asking…………………

    Well, what is it then!! Were our ancestors black and we than have rightful ownership to land in Africa, or were our black ancestors not from Africa???????

    This is me making you look stupid (with all your big and complicated words and all)………………

    Good God, can you really be this stupid?? Typical Liberal rant and rave without knowing what he is saying!! Steve Biko said that Liberals are only interested in Black issues if their own (Liberal) interests (property / belongings) are not stake.

    You seem to have made Steve proud man!
    Hope you can read this difficult and complicated reply seeing it has some “big boy” words in it?

  8. Bru

    ya… I understand your point Kobus but there are a few mistakes (according to me) in your analysis too

  9. Jay

    Here’s a tip. go fuck yourself. you do know the British are in big part responsible for the Afrikaner hyper-conservatism.

  10. Jay

    PS we are not all the same.

    That’s just some pseudo-religious, “we’re all created equal” kumbaya bullshit. Quit apologizing for rapists and murderers and racist opportunists. Most White Africans are in a very vulnerable position, but at least your stupid ass has somewhere to go, if all goes to shit, or if you just don’t like the country, Britain. Afrikaaners don’t.

    Africans will never change, if you don’t hold them accountable and bash any white person, who had enough of the senseless violence.

    We definitely need the white equivalent moniker of “uncle tom”. You’d throw your own family and friends under the bus just to get validated and for few pats on the back for being a good liberal. Stupid self-hatting little loathsome cunt.

  11. Ripley

    I love how all the intellectuals, historians, academicians, sociologists and anthropologists have come out to play. So, let’s play. All the responses speak to a hypersensitivity that manifests itself as a highly contrived call to “Stand Your Ground” – the legislators of the sunny State of Florida would be proud of you all.

    I’d like to start off with stating that South Africa is a “REPUBLIC” and not a Federal State as one respondent stated. What the ‘Open Letter’ set out to do, it has accomplished – it’s created some sort of conversation although I do see the sanctimony is strong within many of you.

    Let’s be honest – South Africa’s history under the previous regime was predominantly based on propaganda used by a group protecting the interests of “their” people. So unless you long for the days when you were “superior” to the rest – please try and catch up with the times.

    Let us also forget all talk of “we brought civility” to Africa because if you have any knowledge of Europe’s history over the centuries you’ll readily admit that while the Europeans were illiterate and pledging fealty to incestuous kings, the Moors were teaching the segregated continent how to wear fine clothes and be civil (heard of that little wave of civility called The Renaissance?). So while we’re speaking of intelligence, how is it that Charlamagne refused to allow his people to procreate with the “idiots” from other parts of Europe? It’s a shame that you lot forget that while early European ancestors were used as slaves and bought and traded by differing nobilities, there was not a single ounce of discernable intelligence from the perspective of the masters. But of course we all have ancestors who were brilliant and invented the world as we know it. Funny how the achievements of a few people are appropriated by an entire race, yet none of the bad is communally owned.

    The minorities are in a vulnerable position, and this piece never sought to belittle or trivialise that fact. What that doyenne of South African racial relations, Sunette Bridges, has done is capitalise on a vein of minority fear that the animal natives are out to kill them all – after all, the representative of all that is black, “Their President” calls for the complete eradication of all whites.

    These days any view that doesn’t conform with that of your own, especially expressed by a person of your ilk, is deemed to be liberal – and we all know that liberals are dirty. Asking what the writer has done to advance race relations is not as smart as many of you may think it is. Gang up on the guy for calling a person out on their apparent condoning of racism, and you lot turn it into something else.

  12. Arthur Bärwald

    I agree with you generally, this women need to seek psychiatric help but in the future please respect other people religious beliefs, if they want to believe in creation, so what! You say Sunette doesn’t have the right to tell us what we should believe in but you are actually just as guilty as she is! …Your great ancestors are monkeys… I’m a Neurologist, I don’t agree with this, and please don’t tell us what we should believe in!

  13. David

    Whoops some people are getting a little too defensive there..

    Just about all young people in the country share a similar view point to the poster – maybe not so bluntly in some aspects, but at least on the notion that we are all brothers and sisters of the land.

    On the other hand just about all older share the view point of most the people replying. My parents included
    The youth of this country have no reason to be racist, I mean we have grown up from a young age with black, indian and coloured best choms – the problem comes in with the older generation and institutionalised racism seeping down into the youth… A typical family – my family – strongly denies: Oh no, im not racist. but if i could record some dinner time jokes and conversations (“oh, you know shame, they just don’t have the same concept of *this* than we do you know) or the old classic: “im not a racist, im a realist” haha.

    Its a shame the innocent, permeable minds of the youth get shaped in this way, and i think the only way this country can get better is once this kind of pseudo-racist crap stops. (im reffering to all the opposing posts in this thread)

  14. Joe

    So we have another pseudo-intellectual fresh out of the woodwork. You seem to have complete mastery of the english language yet logic and common sense seem to escape you. Why would you use a reference like ‘the sunny state of Florida’ on a predominantly South African forum? Is it some form of misdirection from the fact that you have no argument?

    People protecting the interest of ‘their’ own when they are murdered is not analogous to propaganda from the previous regime!! Where do you get this logic from?

    The sanctimony is strong with us yet that seems to be the tone of the entire open letter you are desperately defending

    Thanks for the history lecture with special mention of your Charlamagne reference as the ‘authority’ of human intelligence.

    ‘Capitalise on a vein of minority fear’ You refer to minority as to ‘belittle and trivialize’ in your own words. It is not minority fear,it is cold hard fact that innocent people are murdered daily, and in many of them clear evidence of racial intent.

  15. Ripley

    Dear Joe,

    Pseudo-intellectual? Really? Wow! I do, however, admire your ability to pick the parts of stated text, and then proceed to render them utterly devoid of context. You must be proud of yourself.

    Let me start off by clearing a few issues up. The reference was “stand your ground” and not Florida. It’s mention [Florida that is] was to merely highlight just how wrongly something can turn. Got it? Good. Now keep up, okay.

    You further go on to completely misread (I’m starting to think intentionally) what I said about the protection of interests. If you had read the above comments with any amount of intent, you’d have notice a response that called for the writer to “know his South African history” before moving on to make this an issue of his presumed age. I’m gathering that by the time it came to responding to my post, you’d already [conveniently] forgotten about it – if at all.

    On the issue of sanctimony, I very much doubt that the tone of the “Open Letter” is what has you all in a tizz. The very fact that it was written is what offends you most. Sorry, I cannot help you there.

    The “history lesson” as you so put it was in response to the respondent who decided to highlight the differences in intelligence based on race. It talks to, and questions such a statement as this was between members of the same race. How am I doing on the logic front? Are you still with me, Joe?

    Joe, go back and read “capitalise on a minority fear” until you fully comprehend it, because I’m starting to believe that that could be your biggest problem. The fear alone is not minor – it reads (if you’re good at reading) “the fear of the minorities”. The plight of the minorities was mentioned. My response addressed that. Where you came up with me trivialising the murders of innocent people, I wouldn’t know. And one the clarity of intent when it comes to the murders, is it a new thing? Has the history of our country spoken of a different intent whenever different races are involved in killings?

    Here’s a bit of free advice, the next time you want to question somebody’s logic, stop and question whether you’ve fully grasped the text in its entirety. There’s nothing to be gained by being Average [Joe], and if all you’re interested in doing to arguing without the intention to engage in meaningful dialogue.

    Bye bye now.

  16. Elize le Roux

    I’m not even going to waste my breath on trying to explain it to you. Most of the comments you got says it all. Just a warning to you from me: “You’re white and Afrikaans aswell, so your black friends won’t think twice, before killing you”

    1. BaasDeBeer

      Of all the silly, simple-minded and ridiculously stupid comments on this post, this one has to take the cake.

      Lady, to insinuate that my friends are suddenly suddenly going to turn into killers overnight, is like saying you will turn into an open minded realistic individual with unbiased opinions overnight.
      It just won’t happen.

      1. Dodge

        Well said Baas.

        1. Baas De Beer


      2. Justin

        Bwahahahaha. Perfect response.

        1. Baas De Beer

          Hehe, *bows* 🙂

    2. Christiaan

      Dude jou kop kapaan en jy moet groot word, as jy nie kan nie dis reg die is jou land!, die basterland kan jy maar kry maar ek vat wat ek wil he! Kief vir die mense wat gecoment het en in hulle God glo wat fondasies het, as om mense teglo wat na grashalms gruip, as om eerder die realiteit tesien en glo, die “phoenix” is nog in sy dop so hy sien niks en hoor net half!

  17. Kind van God met eie Mening

    My ou ek kan net BID vir jou! Dis duidelik dat jy nie God in jou hart het nie,,, ” I don’t pray. I am an atheist”… Kom ek sê jou maar nou jy kan soveel dinge sê maar as jy nie die Here aan jou sy het nie is jy net so in jou hel in soos die land! en dit help veel jy vee strate en al daai wonderlike dinge maar jy bid nie eers!!! en die HERE het mense geskape, n man en n vrou… dit staan in die begin van n boek wat ons noem n BYBEL??? ons kom nie uit ape nie!!! hehehe net omdat swartmense maar wel soos apies lyk,lewe en aangaan of hul diere is is seker ook nie te se hul was ook eers ape of watokal!! Maar kom ek sê vir jou almal is mense en maak foute! ons wit mense het hul foute gehad met die swartmense maar teminste het hul die land opgebou en nie amal uitgemoor nie,, vandag maak die swartes dieselfde fout met die witmense en hul gaan nog erger aan, wit mense kry nie meer werk, word uitgemoor en besteel ens. as hul toytoy dan beskadig hul alles!!! teminste het hul werk maar nogsteeds wil hul mal gan!!! nee wat hierdie land is Zambabwe se ewebeeld!!

    1. BaasDeBeer

      Dis mense soos jy wat my blymaak dat ek nie meer kerk toe gaan nie.

      1. Annoniem annoniem

        Wees versigtig om te oordeel….

        1. Annoniem annoniem

          Kind van God….

      2. The Chickster

        It absolutely astounds me every time! Let me tell you something Kind van God: I spent years as a devoted Christian, active in all things church (whether Brownie baking for charity or sharing a helping hand to the lost), I ran my own couples ministry division smack bang in the middle of Pastor 1 and Pastor 2. Now, here comes the big news and you might want to sit down for this one:
        1.) I STUDIED the Bible during this time as I wanted to hear Gods voice in the tone it was intended. I ended up studying a can of worms. The whole Bible as we know it is riddled with political and linguistic influences. And then those already tweeked texts are used for absolutely everything BUT its real context. I have had Christians come up to me and quote the famous verse of Paul against having a tattoo! Did you know that Paul wrote that letter in reference to a heathen festival where idols were worshipped by painting their bodies, dancing and chanting to their gods? I have NEVER in my life seen such activity in a tattoo shop! And here’s another puncher: Paul (not the Bible character, but the actual man in historic records who served as an evangelical messenger, was gay. Yes, you heard right, GAY, all day, every day, gay.
        2.) The Jesus resurrection…there are over 1000 records of the same story in various cultures (even the Inka temples had these). And no, it’s not a variation or merely a similar story; it’s EXACTLY the same story. Now, you tell me, how can this be possible thousands of years before the historic Jesus of Nazareth (as described by Julius Ceasar) was born?
        3.) The Christians never called themselves Christians. It was a term coined by the heathens for certain peoples LIFESTYLES: they lived & cared in a specific way. These forerunners never proudly proclaimed being saints: they simply lived a life of love and service to others without wanting any recognition.
        4.) The Christian church is a joke. Before I was in the so-called jargon ‘re-born’ and still in school. I used to have to sit in church every Sunday right next to the guy I was dancing with on a table in Hatfield Square and banging in an alley the night before.
        5.) When I went through a bad patch and my life was literally imploding in on itself I did not have even 1 of these so-called Christians I ministered and shared everything with. No, they were way too busy to let others know how shitty they are and disguising it with religious jargon to even contemplate the basic needs of others. Do you know who housed me when my x-husband was stalking me? Atheists. Do you know who gave me food when I had absolutely nothing? Atheists. Do you know who stood from afar and sent me an encouraging verse every couple of months? The Christians. If it wasn’t for us, THE ATHEISTS, your people would literally die before your eyes, whilst you’re clutching a Bible under your arms and ‘praying’ for them!

        So, rather than insulting us, or praying for us, or telling everyone about exactly how big a Christian you are, just shut up and start walking your preaching. And no, don’t pinned this down to the whole ‘you will be unjustly persecuted by the unbelievers’, because you do a pretty good job of it all by yourselfs. If your Jesus had to see the way you behave centuries on he would turn in his grave (wherever that might be.)

        1. Swartskaap

          Chillax, ons het almal Zeitgeist gekyk. Vryheid van geloof is die bakermat van enige vrye land…dis hoekom daar so baie westerlinge in Suid-Afrika is.

        2. Rob

          “active in all things church (whether Brownie baking for charity or sharing a helping hand to the lost), I ran my own couples ministry division smack bang in the middle”

          “I STUDIED the Bible during this time as I wanted to hear Gods voice in the tone it was intended”

          “The Christian church is a joke. Before I was in the so-called jargon ‘re-born’ and still in school. I used to have to sit in church every Sunday right next to the guy I was dancing with on a table in Hatfield Square and banging in an alley the night before.”

          “When I went through a bad patch and my life was literally imploding in on itself I did not have even 1 of these so-called Christians I ministered and shared everything with. No, they were way too busy to let others know how shitty they are and disguising it with religious jargon to even contemplate the basic needs of others. ”

          Dear Chickster,

          Are you for real???? You studied the bible? what motivated you to do so?? You ran couples ministry?? what ever for??? You lived a false life all the time??? While at school you were already ” banging in an alley” And you are suprised when your life imploded that there was no one in the “church” to help you??? Help you with what??? You were only ever serving your own interest, God had no space in your life by your own admission. I guess I could go on and on but you already know all there is to know about where you find yourself.

          I for one will carry on praying for you and why? Because God laid it on my heart to do so, and because you know deep down in the core of your torment that God is real, that Jesus died on the cross just for you and that all you have to do is turn to Jesus, not people but Jesus and return home, He has already forgiven you, all you need to do is return to HIM.

          Bless you always,


  18. Dodge

    Now that all the intellectuals have been out to play, let me come in with my humble opinion…

    With so many races, religions, cultures and languages, there is bound to be conflict in this country.
    I mean, I am almost 30, and still occasionally disagree/argue/fight with my siblings, and we have all of the above in common.

    It certainly has nothing to do with DNA.
    I mean, put any two human beings together, and there is bound to be disagreements at some point!
    Look at couples living together: They argue in varying degrees, about a wide range of topics, specific to their relationship. Specific to their unique personalities and thought processes.
    These arguments could range from where to put up the Christmas tree, to how they would raise their kids.
    Now, look at me, living with my dog. We have never had any sort of fallout, and our DNA is much further apart than that of the hypothetical couple just mentioned.

    So, let’s stop blaming our problems on our differences.
    Let’s rather work on our understanding of others. Our tolerance levels and empathy.
    After all, a great majority of people are inherently good. And all anyone wants is a good life and good future.
    This is not specific to any one race, religion, or culture…

  19. Justin

    Hi Kobus. Thank you for your open letter. It’s unfortunate that the vast majority of comments above are critical. There are a lot of nitpicking nitwits who seem to miss what I believe to be the following.
    You have written a love letter.

    It calls for unity, empathy and forgiveness. It asks us to be better, to work together. I read words of hope and desperation for the disparate cultures that make your (and mine) identities to resolve, to heal. It is the only way for us to find personal, national and global harmony.
    This is a love letter.
    Thanks for it.

  20. jp

    Jou hele gesprek gaan oor historiese,gebrabbel,as jy regtig jou geskiedenis ken,ontkenning van waarhede,versteekte agendas en haatspraak vanaf jou geliefde ANC, dan sal jy ook vandag suurbraak ,oor al die versteekte en verskuilde agendas deur die massamedia en hulle toutrekkers die ANC ,al wat die minderheid vra en verlang, is sy regmatige plek in Suid Afrika niks meer en niks minder nie.Wat jy eintlik wil se is dat enige een, by name van zuma ,Mandela en gespuise, soos Malema mag enige uitlatings maak oor die witmense,maar sodra mense soos Sunette en Steve dit waag om namens alle blankes n standpunt in te neem, word dit as rassisties aantuigens en haatspraak afgemaak?nee man kry jou feite reg en gaan self eendag na n moord toneel op n plaas,.dit is nie net n mite nie dit is wat daagliks gebeur,en dit is n werklikheid.

  21. Willemien Calitz

    Nice piece, thank you for being honest.
    So not impressed with these defensive and attacking responses, but can’t say I’m surprised either!
    I also think you’ve been responding well to them, I’d have totally lost my cool.
    I feel like these white racists are living in a world of their own, that’s perpetuated by their fear of everything different or other than them. Consequently they can’t recognise their own privilege and therefore make very little intelligent analyses about the current social issues we face in SA.
    My friend always tells me to ‘pick your battles’ when dealing with racism, and I think this is one worth picking. Thanks!

  22. BaasDeBeer

    Kyk Koos, I agree with the sentiment in your letter.
    Your facts are a little askew and the academic side of your argument is definitely not going to be taken seriously by any scholar whatsoever.

    BUT, and this I cannot emphasise enough, your intent and and obvious emotional belief in what you say, is compelling. As another commenter mentioned, this is more a love letter. And we see it Koos, we see it.

    Thank you for speaking up, and generally: Fuck Sunette Burns-Bridges.

  23. Ripley

    South Africans have a very long way to go if all it takes for insults and threats to kick off is an “Open Letter” on the internet.

    I get the overriding sense that people feel obscurely “betrayed” by the race of the writer. Would it have been better had the piece been written by a black person, or any other race that the majority here might feel superior to? Would it have been easier to merely diregard it as the wanton ramblings of a lesser being?

    To speak on behalf of a race of people that you clearly dislike – die swartes – makes me question your sanity. Elize Le Roux seems to know the intentions of the writer’s black friends – I take it she doesn’t have any black friends as a precaution.

    People here have flown off their hinges, and have shown the darkest side of a humanity that is struggling to reckon with itself.

    Will we ever learn, or soon enough before we talk ourselves into a situation we’re not equipped to contend with? I don’t know, but hope we do before it’s too late.

  24. Estelle Vos

    Hehehe… Why on earth would we want to share your letter? Are you looking for attention, fame perhaps? Please, you are not saying much as it is, only embarrassing yourself as I see it… Now go play with your toys little boy… Hehehe…

  25. Henkie

    Sjoe, mar julle het die wereld omgekrap ne’. Good job 🙂

  26. Alcide

    Estelle. But you all have been sharing the letter already! I saw it on Sunette’s profile this morning. Kobus has indeed hit a nerve. I have not seen so many racist scramble around hystericallt like this for ages. Don’t know why you all still try and defend the woman.

  27. Joe


    Ok, so I didn’t quote the entire text. The argument remains the exact same. “Stand your ground” would have been relevant if we were discussing the Zimmerman trial and in the US. I guarantee you not a single person here got that reference. Pseudo-intellectual seems to have struck a nerve with you,perhaps because you know it to be true. It is all intellectual pretense,and serves to purpose in a retort anyone would take seriously.

    “So while we’re speaking of intelligence, how is it that Charlamagne refused to allow his people to procreate with the “idiots” from other parts of Europe” – Very weak and poor argument to use Charlamagne to question a previous posters comments regarding cross race intelligence,hence my statement. Perhaps you are the one not keeping up Ripley?

    “capitalise on a minority fear” – Sigh. Of course I was not saying the fear is minor,once again without quoting all the text I was referring the tone of that entire paragraph. It is not a question of me not keeping up,but a case of you not quoting the text you are responding to and then trying and failing to sound intelligent when the context is unclear to everyone. Try @UserName “Quoted text goes here” next time. If you weren’t so dead set on “trying” to sound intelligent and condescending and instead stick to facts and contexts relevant to an SA forum we may actually have a meaningful dialogue here.

    PS your average Joe pun was just lame and cringe worthy.

  28. Ilisna

    Dit was waragtig nodig om die brief te skryf. Lankal moeg vir die rassiste. Viva

  29. Tollie

    Seker die verveligste ding wat ek nog gelees het. Ek kan nie glo ek nou my tyd gemors om nog die kommentaar te lees en self ook nog kommentaar te lewer nie.

    Al hierdie kwasi-pseudo-intellektuele kak deur Ripley en soortgelykes is genoeg om van te kots.

    1. Suzie

      Liewe Tollie ( It’s all in the name folks!)

      Rassisme en mense met jou houding en uitkyk op die lewe wil my persoonlik laat kots. Mense wat dink dat hierdie tipe uitkyk amper 20 JAAR na apartheid aanvaarbaar is vir die voortbou van ‘n nasie maak my kots.

      Mense wat dink dat hulle beter is as ander oor hulle velkleur wil my laat kots.

      Mense wat hulself christene noem en na mense van ‘n ander velkleur verwys as “apies” wil my laat kots. Ja daai een is spesiaal vir jou: Kind van God met eie mening. Dien jy nie ‘n god van liefde nie? Dink jy net blankes is christene? Hmm?

      Mense wat dink dat hierdie brief enige iets te doen het met sy politieke oortuigings laat my kots. Ai , Ai, Ai!!! JP!

      Elize Le Roux. Mense soos jy moet uit hierdie land uit verwyder word. Jou houding is presies hoekom soveel Suid-Afrikaners SO ongelukkig is, want vir een of ander rede dink jy dat misdaad ‘n velkleur het. KOTS.

      Ek haat die woord kots, maar julle tipe, ja sien, TIPE mense het dit nou noggals maklik gemaak om te gebruik.

      Nou wonder ek maar net Tollie: Wat presies vind jy so kotswekkend? Ek sal graag wil weet.

      1. Tollie


        Ek het nooit geïnsinueer dat ek beter as enigiemand anders is nie (veral nie a.g.v. my velkleur nie). Ek weet ook glad nie hoe jy daardie afleiding kan maak uit my vroeëre skrywe nie.

        Hierdie sg. nasie waarvan jy praat gaan nooit werk nie, mits almal een “kultuur” aanneem (soos wat in Engeland, Amerika, Australië ens. gebeur). Die verskillende volkere wat veronderstel is om die “nasie” op te bou verskil hemelsbreed en ek is nie bereid om my kultuur prys te gee ter wille van korrupsie, nepotisme en bleeding hearts nie.

        Jou relaas is emosioneel belaai en dra daarom nie soveel waarde soos wat jy graag sou wou nie.

        Die feit bly staan, net soos wat jy beweer dat ek beter is as ander, net so glo Ripley en jyself waarskynlik dat julle beter as die “rassiste” is.

        Ek weet nie of jy dit nie raakgelees het nie maar hierdie brief het alles met sy “politieke oortuiging” te doen.

  30. Izak van Zyl

    Ek sal nie eens die moeite doen om jou in Engels te antwoord nie, want sien julle kan baie goed verstaan as julle lees en daarvolgens julle opnies vorm. My antwoord is kort en kragtig!

    Kyk wyer as wat jou neus lank is boetman, dan sal jy opmerk dat daar ‘n rewolusie broei. Dit het niks met rassisme uit te waai of oor die en daai politieke oortuiging waarmee jy kwansuis nie saamstem nie. THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF MAN!

  31. Dee Altenburger


    I know you have not addressed this letter to me, however I wish very much to respond to each and every point which you have made in your letter to Sunette.

    So please look out for my reply to your letter. I cannot do it now because I am working now, but I will probably do it this evening, or tomorrow.

    God bless this country!

  32. Henk

    Thanks Sunette, for all the true info, and your standpoint. The so called liberal definition of racist is not what is called racist for us the pro-Sunette groupe. We say a thing that is not politically correct, and that consist in your view racism. What a joke. See true meaning of a racist below!
    rac·ism [rey-siz-uhm] Show IPA
    a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

  33. Plein Swart

    Hi Kobus

    Net gou in kort wie ek is. Ek is swart, ‘n christen en afrikaans.

    My kollega is ‘n Sunette Bridges fan op facebook en het my die link gestuur en gevra wat ek daarvan dink, en ek’t ook op Sunette se blad gekyk wat daar aangaan. Ek ken haar pa se musiek en so ook baie ander afrikaanse sangers s’n en is mal daaroor.

    Ek dink almal wat al op jou brief comments gelos het het baie van haar sienings in gemeen, selfs jy. Niemand hou daarvan om te hoor daar is mense op hulle plaas in die huis vermoor nie. Niemand hou daarvan om te hoor mense toy-toy en beskadig eiendom omdat hulle nie gelukkig is oor hulle kospakkies nie. Niemand hou daarvan om te hoor: Kill the Boer, en One bullet one Boer. Niemand hou daarvan om te sien hoe ons Leiers ons belasting geld vir hulle-self vat nie. Niemand hou daarvan om te sien dat wit en swart mense op straat beedel vir kos en geld nie.

    Persoonlik dink ek Sunette wys net vir die mense dinge wat nie in koerante en op TV gewys word nie. Ek wens hulle het, sodat ander swart mense ook kan sien wat regtig aangaan. Ons is trots daarop om te kan se SA is weer in beheer van swart mense, maar wat ons swart regering doen is nie reg nie en almal weet dit, wit en swart.

    Ek stem ook nie saam met jou aap teorie nie. Jy is of 100% aap of 100% mens. As ons van ape af kom, waar is die wat nie meer aap is nie, en ook nog nie heeltemal mens nie, met ander woorde, die mens in wording? Net ‘n vraag.

    Ek dink meer swart mense moet sien wat Sunette op haar FB sit sodat hulle kan skaam kry en so ook ons regering wat so erg faal.

    Lekker dag

    1. Carlo Weyer


    2. Werberg

      Ek dink jy lees te min pel

      1. Rob

        Ek stem saam, RESPEK.

  34. David Sims

    Kobus Van Rooyen, we (racists) run into people like you all the time. And, really, we don’t care how “tired” you are. You spouted your racial egalitarian ignorance, and so you’re going to get another dose of the truth. Because it’s white people like you who, along with the Jews, threw down the white race from the place of security it held in 1900 and put it in danger of extinction today.

    You said that my earliest ancestors were blacks. That isn’t true. Although I share a common ancestor with blacks, the skin of that ancestor was covered by fur much thicker than anyone has today.

    You said that I share 100% of my human DNA with these ancestors, and hence with Zulus, Chinese, Enuits, and so on. That also is incorrect. I share 99.4% of my DNA with those other races. Not 100%.

    And the difference, that 0.6%, is important.

    Humans and apes differ by only 2% of their genes, and most of the genes of men and apes have nothing to do with the differences between them, but rather function to determine them both as animals rather than plants; as multicellular rather than single-celled; as chordates with a central nervous system; as vertebrates with a backbone; as warm-blooded mammals instead of fish or reptiles; as primates rather than felines, ursines or ruminants; as hominids rather than monkeys. Doing all that uses up 98% of our genes.

    If we were discussing the differences between humans and oak trees, a much larger fraction of the genes would be relevant to the debate. But if I’m disputing the equality of the several races of mankind, the only genes that deserve attention are that fraction of a percent that cause human racial differences to occur. The similarity in all the rest of the genes is irrelevant and does not constitute a valid talking point for the egalitarian side. Anyone who thinks otherwise should be asked whether farm tractors and passenger cars are the same things because they both burn fossil fuels, both require lubricant on their moving parts, and both have wheels, transmissions and internal combustion engines.

    While we share a common ancestor with the blacks, it is possible that the skin of that ancestor was covered by fur. While both whites and blacks bleed red, so does any pig or reptile when you cut one open. Egalitarian arguments don’t survive examination.

    Despite the many points of similarity between cars and tractors, a car is not a tractor, a tractor is not a car, and the two machines are not equally well-suited for the same roles. Likewise, a white is not a black, a black is not a white, and the two kinds of hominid are not equally well-suited for living in a particular way, or under a particular set of laws. The form of government that is best for one race can be less than optimum—or even less than good—for another.

    Since no government should treat some of its citizens differently than it treats other citizens, it follows that no country having more than one race in it can be said to be both fair to everyone and good for all of the people it presumes to govern. It would be best if the races were remove to separate racial homelands, where each of them could govern itself as it might judge best.

  35. carol roos

    Didn’t read all the comments ,so I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it, but that would be ‘baloney’ and ‘ Inuit’…just saying.

  36. nigel


  37. Carlo Weyer

    I’m not nearly smart enough to know anything about DNA or chromosomes, BUT: I know the difference between people who take regular baths and those who smell like death all the time. I know the difference between people who use knives and forks and those who eat pap with their fingers. I know the difference between people who use tissues and those who pick their own snot with their fingers. I know the difference between creatures who rape murder and steal, and people who don’t. So I reckon I don’t need any fancy words to help me realise that I don’t like to mix with certain races.
    One last thing: Just as much as white people weren’t here first, neither were your black brothers. All the black races currently living in SA are descendents of a great nation called the bantu who used to live in central africa. The Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho and all the rest migrated to southern africa not so long before eoropeans came here. So please explain to me how they have a claim to this land. Mate, if you can’t see how your brothers are fucking up this country then you’re blind. GROW THE FUCK UP!

  38. Werberg

    Hi Kobus
    Although I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments in the open letter I would like to offer some constructive critique.
    Firstly, you will not encourage behavioral change in ignorant people with a condescension laden ad hominem attack, it only serves to show that you are also trying to argue emotionally and your argument’s credibility immediately drops to their level. Rather (albeit futile) try to educate them using metaphors to save time and give them an inkling of the vast concept you are trying to convey. [Excuse the slight hypocrisy as I am addressing you and not her]
    Secondly, we do not all share 100% of our DNA, if we did we would all have been clones. Our great ancestors are not monkeys. We evolved from monkey-like primates about 15 million years ago during the Miocene Epoch period which marked the emergence of apes. With apes being a genetically significant ancestor I would have rather opted to refer to them as our common ancestor instead of monkeys. If you referred to “monkeys” because of one of her statements I fully understand your choice of wording.
    Lastly, and this is not addressed to you alone but to anyone who might read this. Percentages of DNA shared are a poor indicator of similarities given our limited grasp on miniscule fractions. A mere 0.1% difference in genes can exist between a Nobel Prize winning Physicist and a demented serial killer. The point I am trying to make is that the amount of information in DNA is so vast that percentages cease to describe intelligible variances to the average reader.
    PSA not directed at Kobus: I have always been puzzled by the apparent polarization when genetic determinism is brought up; the arguments seem to promote the total denial of genetic influence, or the absolute opposite claiming that genetics are ultimate determinant. I firmly believe differences between races exist and it does not in any way imply that one is superior to another. If you understand evolution, races are all effectively the right answers to different questions (or environments), the answer is to accept it, study it, and manage humanity accordingly. But history has shown that this will never happen. 🙁

    1. Plein Swart

      Jy lees te veel my ou, en sien hopeloos te min wat gebeur !!! Aap-mens

  39. venetia

    At least she is making a difference and is passionate about it.

  40. Killerbunny

    Dude you just made your name tottie to a very broad and open minded race-group. If you wish to be black. Go ahead and be black. Stating that the white’s ancestors where black is just your own proof of your insultingly low intelligence and you should be ashamed of yourself and on your parents behalf. What kind of half-breed fuckwit are you? There is no hope for humanity with your kind. Maybe go smoke a bit more weed to get more enlightenment cause fuck me, your just so dumb. You poor sod. :/

    1. Dodge



      Love when people say shit like “your so dumb”.
      Maybe make statements your own intelligence can back up?

  41. Klaas

    Doos is koning.

  42. Emperor

    An open letter to the moron that wrote this piece of crap. Stick to dry humping girls and playing playstation games with your little friends, Go buy a dildo and go fuck yourself if you think you speak for more than 10 people. Maybe the hoar of Babylon, Algeacide Hairwax might agree with you, but considering the amount of African semen she consumes on a daily basis, it comes as noe surprise.

    Lots of love
    All proper Afrikaans people (excluding that hoar)

  43. DavMar

    eish…….as die libs maar net die feite vd lewe wil hoor en nie so teen die waarheid wil baklei nie…

  44. Luna Moon

    To all those commenting on the “open letter” of this van Rooyen chap : take it easy you are obviously dealing with a troll…he/it is laughing his ass off….he fooled you all!

  45. Lena

    My boy how wrong you are I am no racist, do you know anything about a refurendum held in the late 80s, where we the white Afrikaner people voted apartheid away. No I don’t suppose you do, that never get mentioned. With hope in our hearts we did so because then there would be a bright future for all of us, well how wrong we were, how disapointed we are, their agenda were not the same as ours, maybe you should start to really look around and listen and notice what is going on around you, and yes me and my daughter and children were attacked not broken into our home if they did that they would not rush in( after broken down a steel door and a trelidor) with stones straight to us to kill us, if they brake in they come while yoir out. Stop being so naïve that is if you really are who you say you are. I wonder?

  46. cecilia Behrens

    Ek kan duidelik sien jys jonk en skryf nie uit eie gevoel en ondervinding nie.Ek stel voor dat jy jou goeie energie op iets anders en beters vir jou gaan verspul.
    Ons staan en veg vir ons land.Jy kom nie voor as iemand wat vir jou eie regte kan baklei nie.
    Terloops,swart mense,defnitief in die verlede wazrna jy verwys, gebruik nie geboortbeperkings middele nie,soos jy waarskynlik doen,dus is jou feite. Wat dit betref ongegrond.

  47. Corry Visser

    What a little snot nose this Kobus is. I notice that after responding to the first couple of comments in similar writing as his original letter to Sunette, he appeared to have crawled back under the rock he came from!

  48. De Boer

    Kobus van Rooyen, jy is ‘n moroon en jy besef dit nie eers nie!
    Kobus van Rooyen, you’re a moron and you do not even realize it!
    Kobus van Rooyen, wewe ni moron na huna hata kutambua hilo!

  49. Gerhard Viljoen

    What an idiot. Where’s the “big” words he was going to use?
    Right from the start I could see he is an atheist. So all his words are like water on a ducks back.
    Like all atheists they have no clue about facts and reason around their same story without any research and the only thing they are good at is name calling.

  50. Wanda Richter

    Dear Mr, vanRooyen
    Short and sweet: What a lot of verbal masturbation!

    1. Wanda Richter


  51. Ha_la_la

    Ag weet jy wat – net so gatvol soos jy vir ons sogenaamde “racist Afrikeners” is – net so gatvol is ons vir jou en jou soort – ek kan vir jou dieselfde vraag ook vra – wie dink jy is jy om vir ons voor te skryf wat ons moet glo en hoe ons moet leef? Jou simpel ou pipsqueak – jy kom duidelik uit die generasie wat op skool met die “Mandelatopia”opium gestop is tot dit by jou ore en nou by jou smoel ook uitloop….kry tog net ‘n bietjie klas voor jy wil begin redeneer.

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