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An Oppikoppi Poem: Where are we heading man?


Are you ready For Dust? Do you know how perfume and party put anyone’s groove on?

What the hell’s happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear….. Shazaz!

 ☮ Oppikoppi Simi-Slogan, number 224 on The Medium Wave 

Die Beeld: 20’000 Dronk Mense….

The obvious division is still there,  but still we don’t care ! Man!

It should say, 20’000 High People in peace! Love, Peace and  Good Vibrations!

Give a Popular Club 4 hours,   Someones gonna get fucked up! Violence, why?

You have 3 Days man! Set your soul free, if u return after this weekend and say u did not enjoy yourself….

Then I say, You’re a LAIR, I don’t believe you

Picture this, Picture this…….

White, Black, Coloured, Indian, pink brown and yellow and blue

Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bi, or one fits all

Athiests, Christians, Satanists, Spiritualists, Whatever

Rockers, Disco Biscuits, Metal heads…… Unchained Beds!

All in Peace, Lennon saw this…., Imagine? Can you? Are You Experienced?

Start With the Jimi Hendrix Experience dude 😉

More to say, More to do, Oppi-Fuckin’-Koppi  is all about you!!!

1969 I mean, the 19th Oppikoppi, the specific  show on the 9th of August, the Specific 6th hour, magic takes place, just believe

The Oppikoppi Way To Go!

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