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ANC Youth League Defines Ignorance


Today I learned that ANC Youth League have called for the statue of former South African Republic president Paul Kruger to be removed from Church Square in Pretoria / Tshwane. Apparently “”Oom Paul Kruger and his generals” should be removed “because they represent the heritage of Apartheid and pose a threat to our community and our future”. I think this is ignorant and is just another attempt by this organization to fuel race hatred in South Africa. If they’ve actually read their history books or Wikipedia they will realize that Paul Kruger died 44 years before Apartheid was actually implemented by the NP government of DF Malan in 1948. President Kruger had nothing to do with apartheid. He actually protested and fought against British colonial rule. Paul Kruger is part of South Africa’s heritage and history. I do not have a problem with a statue of Chris Hani, but why should something that’s part of South Africa’s culture and heritage be torn down? Why can’t they just errect a new statue? I really did not want to get sucked into the media frenzy that the ANCYL are causing with their statements, but this issue had my blood boiling this morning, so I have no choice but to voice my opinion about this. Today’s motivational defines Ignorance.

Not too long ago I posted a motivational stating that ‘Julius Malema defines Arrogance’. This post in the Opinion category of Running Wolf’s Rant is right up that alley. Watch this space for regular updates in this category. If politics isn’t really your thing check out the posts in the regularly updated Humor, Movies, Music, Television, Technology, Facts, Sport and Gaming categories on the blog. And don’t forget about the daily updated Photography and Babes categories. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.


  1. Julius Malema and his clan is the biggest idiots of the century. Every time they open their mouths in public, they prove that they are the “youth” of the youth league. Julius, wake up!!!!


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