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And the Coolest Restaurant in Centurion is…


It is finally here, the non-awaited Coolest Restaurant awards! Running Wolf’s Rant is proud to present this award.

Criteria we looked at in awarding this prestigious honour included:

  • General Coolness of the venue.
  • How Cool is it really?
  • The largest jump from uncool to cool.

And the winner is… Capital Craft Centurion!

Capital Craft Centurion
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Read below to find out why:

When you go to a restaurant, the worst thing that can happen is surely realising that it is not a cool place.

You sit there, one moment leisurely reading through the menu, contemplating which drink to get… and then hit hits you, this venue isn’t cool.

This is serious business… you start by breaking a sweat, biting down on your bottom lip so as to not call over a manager and complain. After all, what can they really do, on the spot, to make the venue cooler?

By the time you get to ordering your mains, you are 4 beers down just to try and make your personal space a little cooler. You are a tad sad too, because you really wanted the Jalapeño poppers, but those are obviously not going to make you any cooler.

Come dessert, and you realise you have subconsciously been singing Glen Frey’s hit, “The heat is on” for who knows how long.


Capital Craft in Centurion has installed a whole arsenal of new aircons! Big ones too! Congratulations Capital Craft, you really are the coolest venue in Centurion now!

Coolest Restaurant in Centurion - Capital Craft
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Speaking to a few patrons, it is clear that this move was greatly appreciated:

“I used to go there only in winter, but now I can enjoy their 220+ beers all year long” said Kuhl Mihoff from Rooihuiskraal.

“For some people this development has had a more practical impact. “I used to wear 2 pairs of undies when going to my favourite restaurant to hide the sweat, but now I can go commando!” said Highveld resident, Mahbols Asweddy.

From all of us here at Running Wolf’s Rant, a hearty congratulations to Capital Craft Centurion on upgrading your venue. You thoroughly deserve the title “The Coolest Restaurant in Centurion”!

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