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Angry Rock Toddler on Afrikaans Pop Music


Last week I introduced you to Angry Rock Toddler on Running Wolf’s Rant and the post was quite popular with readers of this blog. Today I’m continuing this trend.

Don’t you just hate it when you tune into a South African commercial radio station by accident or if you’re at braai and some idiot decides to play some Afrikaans Pop Music? I know I am Afrikaans, but I seriously can’t handle it. There’s absolutely no artistic value when it comes to that genre. I don’t care if the music is lekker to sakkie-sakkie to, it still sucks. It has absolutely NO depth, whatsoever. It’s honestly worse than International Pop Music. I’m pretty sure Angry Rock toddler shares this point of view.

Besides that there’s also the fact that almost every single song sounds exactly the same. I’m glad that things are changing and that a huge portion of the Afrikaans youth are not buying these gold-digger’s albums. And yes, that’s what they are, nothing more, nothing less, just gold-diggers. Any idiot (who thinks that they have the ability to sing) can go to a backtrack studio and get their own track recorded for about R10,000. It’s not art. It’s bullshit, mass produced bullshit that outsells any genre in South Africa, simply because people are not made of aware properly of all the good non-commercial non-pop Afrikaans music out there.

Thank goodness for Fokofpolisiekar, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Jack Parow and a growing amount of others out there for stirring the pot a bit. And thank goodness for the power of choice (which is why I choose not to listen to Afrikaans Pop). Without further ado, check out what Angry Rock Toddler has to say about Afrikaans Pop Music.

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