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Angry Rock Toddler on “Little Black Submarines”


Yes folks, it’s that time again on Running Wolf’s Rant – Time for Angry Rock Toddler! Today’s she’s making herself heard about the new The Black Keys single, “Little Black Submarines”. And you know that Angry Rock Toddler always has something sensible to say.

I’ve been cranking up the The Black Keys for more than 2 years now and I must say that they’re definitely one of my favorite bands. One of the reasons for this is because they’re one of the best examples of proper old school style rock left today.

The other good example of that is the Foo Fighters. And yes, I know rock music has evolved over the years into borderline electro pop like Linkin Park and pansy ass rock like Nickelback, but that’s not Real Rock music. Bands like that might be a creative step forward, but have no elements of core old school rock that you can play loud anywhere and any time.

The Black Keys
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Real rock music is raw, has umf, has lyrics that crawl into the deepest corners of your soul and sometimes gives you the urge to rock the fuck out or show “The Man” the best example of a zap that you’re capable of.

It isn’t something you play in the background or something that gives off a fake infomercial vibe. Real Rock music is in your face in a “you can’t rid of me” kind of way and makes you wake the fuck up or at least take notice of things around you.

Take this song by The Black Keys into account. “Little Black Submarines” is a fucking awesome song. You can’t deny that. Just take a listen and tell me that you don’t feel touched by it.

If you don’t feel moved by this tune, there must be something wrong with you. I know taste differs, but I’m just saying. And Angry Rock Toddler agrees with me on this. Just check out what she has to say about this song today:

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