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Angry Rock Toddler Takes on Julius Malema


It’s time for Angry Rock Toddler on Running Wolf’s Rant. And today’s she’s taking on “that genius” that you all love so much, Julius Malema. She normally doesn’t get political, but she’s making an exception today.

Julius Malema was back in the news yesterday for making statements about Zimbabwe and how South Africa can learn from their Northern neighbor. Personally I think that was total and utter nonsense and I don’t even know why I bother to read News 24 anymore – it just makes my friggin’ blood boil.

In the article Malema was quoted by Herald Online in Zimbabwe as saying “We are coming here to Zimbabwe not because we are running away from problems, but to come and gain strength because what you have achieved is an inspiration to Africa. Don’t listen to imperialist newspapers. You have achieved a lot. You are running your own country, you have been managing your own affairs and you are not controlled by foreigners. That is what we need in South Africa. ” He also refers to Zimbabwe as “wholly independent and divested of external control”.

This is ridiculous. Zimbabwe might be “without external control” but the country is run by a dictator who hasn’t been out of power since 1980. The people of Zimbabwe are starving and their currency isn’t worth the paper its printed on. The police in Zimbabwe are not the coolest people either. They are allegedly detaining people who speak out against Mugabe and torturing them. The country’s media is controlled and no objectivity is allowed. Democracy (which was hard fought for in South Africa) doesn’t really exist in Zimbabwe, if you ask me.

South Africa doesn’t need to learn from Zimbabwe. We’re a democracy who’s constitution has been praised by many folks around the world. Zimbabwe is what happens when you allow a dictator to govern a country for more than 30 years.

Angry Rock Toddler has decided to voice her opinion about this subject and I’m pretty sure that all you reading this post (who have something called “common sense”) will agree with her.

There you have it, Angry Rock Toddler taking on Julius Malema. Do you agree with her? Leave a comment on this post and let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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  1. Ek kan aan ‘n paar woorde dink as ek daai berig op news24 lees…een begin met ‘n “d” en ‘n ander een met ‘n “p” en een met ‘n “f” en een met ‘n “k”.


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