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Today’s Featured Babe is UK Model Ann Denise (who was recently featured in the now-discontinued Daily Babe category on this blog). In case you forgot, she’s a model based in Manchester and she’s done many different shoots and she has been featured on various websites.

Ann Denise is also qualified to do her own make-up and she’s a qualified gym instructor and actress. Pretty talented if you ask me. She has modelled for Chique Clothes, FHM Highstreet Honeys, Nuts Magazine,, Yates Photography and many different flyers and posters for clubs in England including The Circle in Manchester.

I recently started conversing with her on Twitter via @anndenisewilson and has agreed to be interviewed on Running Wolf’s Rant. This is what Ann Denise had to say to my questions:

What was your latest shoot? 

I did a Barbie shoot which was fun! It was for the promotion of a new studio and the pictures will be out soon.
I love getting to dress up in random outfits.

If you could pose for a type of shoot you haven’t done before, what would you do?

I really want to do a shoot with my dog, teddy! He’s so cute he’d be a perfect model but he’s waaaaay too naughty! He’d probably hump the photographer to death and chew everything haha. He definitely wouldn’t stay still he’s a proper diva!

What type of dog is she?

A Pomeranian. I wanted one for years and finally got one! Before Teddy I had one called Tinkerbell but I only had her for a week
and she got sick and died after a week at the vets. She was sold by an unfit breeder who didn’t have her wormed before she was sold
and kept the puppies in rabbit hutches…with rabbits! I’d like to do a modelling campaign to support animals that don’t get bred properly and get unfit breeders sent to prison! That would be worthwhile, kind of like the no fur campaign PETA does.

Would you say that Social Media has had an impact on your modeling career in the UK and globally?

Defiantly! Facebook and Twitter is such good self promotion without even trying! It’s the easiest way for a photographer or company to contact a model really.

What is the funniest thing that’s happen to you on a shoot?

I did a liquid latex shoot where a make-up artist has to paint latex onto your skin. She had to paint my boobs which was pretty funny!
Afterwards it took me ages to peel it off as it rips all your little hairs out ouch!

Which countries in the world would you like to travel to, to do shoots?

America would be amazing as there’s so many more opportunities and I’ve been asked to go to New York to work with some photographers. If I had more free time I’d be able to think about it but I have too many commitments in England right now. I’d like to do a shoot on a beach somewhere hot. Under a waterfall would be amazing!

Check out these photos of Ann Denise below, I think you’ll agree that she’s pretty damn sexy and worthy of being selected as a Featured Babe on Running Wolf’s Rant

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ann Denise for agreeing to doing this interview with me and taking time to answer my questions. I wish her all the best with future endeavours.

For more information, check out the Official Ann Denise Website, her profile on Purestorm, her profile on Model Mahem and the Ann Denise Facebook fan page,

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