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Ann Jangle releases new single


Fast becoming a sensation on the folk scene both in South Africa and in Europe, Ann Jangle has released her new single, “Nothing Left”, on all digital platforms today. The song was written in November 2016 during a very challenging tour. Ann Jangle played 31 Gigs in 30 days in 17 different countries.

Moving to Europe was hard. Some nights were spent in fancy hotels, other nights she slept in the back of their van cuddling car tyres and using XXL band merchandise T-Shirts for curtains. They spent most of their time in airports, busses, train stations and on random peoples’ couches. One moment you are stinking rich and the next you are picking bottles to collect money for food. (She thinks this is why Germany is so clean).

At one point Ann Jangle realised that she had not spent longer than a few hours by herself in over a year. As a creative this is important. Moving to another country is also difficult if you are not “a part of the system” with a stable job, tax number and payslips. No one gives you a permanent home so half of the musicians move around squatting until you have worked your way up to a semi-permanent residence thanks to connections you make at your shows. These people become your “friends” and you start communicating past the broken English.

It’s one thing going over on a tour and then returning home, it’s a whole different ball game when you sell everything you own and move there. One night on our way from Berlin to Switzerland where they were to perform a show in Bern, their vehicle just cut out while on the highway. Now, on these highways there are no speed limits and the trucks fly past you like space rockets. They were right in the middle of our journey. About 5 hours in. It was dark, cold, late and they had limited time to get to the next gig.

They broke down in a village called Schweinfurt. No one spoke a word of English. They ran down a hill next to the Highway and found a small police station where, by the look of complete disgrace on their faces when we asked if they could help, they managed to get a tow truck. With the help of Google Translate and Matthew (her drummer)’ broken German they convinced the tow truck driver that they were super famous Rock stars in the hope that he would help them past the point of dropping them off at a dodgy car dealer.

Long story short. They got a rental and managed to make it to their gig on time. With no sleep, they nailed it. Despite being cold, hungry, traumatised and confused they aced it. The next show rained out. Ann Jangle had a mini break down and told Matthew that night to please leave. They stayed in a hostel on a beautiful big river; she thinks she broke down from exhaustion. She just wanted to be alone. She decided that this was her last show. This was the end. She was done. Done with this pipeline dream and done with music. Done!

She was seriously contemplating taking up crochet lessons and just disappearing, but she grabbed her guitar and wrote this song… straight from the heart with tears rolling down her cheeks. She liked what it sounded like. The next morning she decided everyone needed to hear this song first.. and then she was done. This was a year ago…

Crank up “Nothing Left” below:

This is an amazing piece of music. This is proof that Ann Jangle is one of SA’s best female artists. I’ve seen her live a few times and I was thoroughly impressed with her performances. She’s definitely one of the most underrated artists in SA Music. If you have the opportunity to see her live, don’t miss it, she will blow you away.

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