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Music has been around for thousands of years. I think Plato expressed my love (and your love for music) best when he wrote: “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

There are tons of talented musicians in South Africa that don’t always get the recognition and air play they deserve, but they are definitely a passionate bunch of individuals.

I was a busy little bee last week and I asked a bunch of peeps who are involved in the SA Music scene a simple question: “What do you like about music?”. The response I got was massive and I soon realised that I will need to do more than one post covering the answers to my question. I don’t want to beat around the bush, so here’s the first batch of answers I got back.

“It’s the ultimate translation of emotions to sound and I’m so very happy I can do this for a living” Peter Toussaint (Solo Artist / The Fake Leather Blues Band The Barbosa Experience).

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“The subconscious reach it has on the human spirit.” Andre Kriel (The Black Cat Bones)

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“The way it can transport you to a complete different time and place when the world gets too much…” Louise Pieterse (Photographer / Artist Manager / Publisher).

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“I love that whenever one plays / performs a song, it’s brand new. Music is forever growing and developing.” Chris Phillips (Solo Artist)

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“Music is a feeling – you have been brought up with it your whole life, so it attaches itself to memories…weather they are memories of being sad, happy, drunk, having fun, your childhood and even a memory of a loved one e.g. Queen will always remind me of my Dad – Foo Fighters – my best friend – Bob Marley – STRAB- it keeps that happy inquisitive, fun, stupid side of you alive for life.” Bradley Carradus (Mrs B.)

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“It makes you feel and provides snap shots to all kinds of memories made.” Louise Crouse (PR Person)

“It almost sounds like muesli.” Jaco Van Der Merwe (Bittereinder)

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“Music Is the one place where race, culture and whatever else means nothing… it’s just music…” Pedro Barbosa (Mrs B. / The Barbosa Experience / Solo Artist).

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“Music gives you a voice that is heard across the world and you don’t need to even open your mouth.” Jason Oosthuizen (Van Coke Kartel / Punk ‘n Roll / Lost&Found)

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“Music is my creative outlet in life. No matter how kak a day I am having, music changes that. It’s always great to be looking forward to the next rehearsal/gig/tour/festival. If I didn’t have music, I would be one miserable muthafucker” Dylan Hunt (Pestroy / Van Coke Kartel / Southern Wild)

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“The fact that no one knows where it comes from. No musician alive can pinpoint where the music comes from. It’s everything.” David Van Vuuren (Southern Wild).

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“I’ve always loved being transported to a place or a feeling within seconds of hearing a song. Whether its back to a cherished memory or deep into the world the song portrays. Music always satisfies and my favourite songs haven’t aged at all.” Brogan Thompson (Made for Broadway).

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“Music is endless. You can listen to and discover as much (good) new music as you like, but there will always be someone creating something new and wonderful that you have never heard before. And then you like this new sound and enjoy listening to it and it becomes a soundtrack to a certain chapter of your life. But it never goes away. You can return to it and enjoy it all over again whenever you want. I own thousands of records, but there are special (and sometimes sad) memories attached to each one. Music keeps on giving.” DJ Bob

“The fact that there is a song for every emotion, and that song is different for every person.” Robert Perreira (Arcade Empire)

“Songs give us the ability to connect with people on a very real level and share these crazy moments together… Whether it’s extreme happiness or the most bitter sadness, we can all relate because it’s a language the whole world speaks. Music can amplify your feelings, or be there for you when you feel alone. That’s pretty badass.” Rob Storm (Made For Broadway / New Academics).

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“Music transcends everything. A song can stir up memories from anytime in your life quicker than any of your senses. I don’t believe in guilty pleasures when it comes to music. You like what you like, and it should never be anything to be ashamed of” Gad De Chombes (Shortstraw / Adventure Man).

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“I like that thanks to it I am not a 36 year old virgin. Try getting laid when you look like Helen Zille. Because bigger is almost always not better.” Gareth Wilson (The Good Luck Bar / Southern Gypsy Queen).

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Well, there you have it, the first batch of answers to “What do you like about music?” from people in the SA Music industry. I trust that you’ve found these answers interesting.

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