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Anti E-Toll Video


The proposed Gauteng E-tolling system is put on hold for now (thank all that is holy in the universe for that). If you ask me this is going to a long drawn out legal battle between SANRAL, government, OUTA and the citizens of Gauteng province. This whole debacle is not over, but at least sanity has prevailed for the time being (thanks to an urgent interdict over a week ago in North Gauteng High Court which was executed by Judge Bill Prinsloo). SANRAL is not allowed to collect E-toll money for the time being.

I’ve made my views about this proposed E-tolling system public more than once on this blog. It comes down to this: You shouldn’t get an E-tag. The increased fuel price and the fuel levy should pay for the road improvements. Government wasted R17 billion (funded by the Pension Fund) to pay for the E-toll system. There was also no transparency about where the funds will be distributed. People simply cannot afford the proposed tariffs.

This video was posted on YouTube last week and points out why you shouldn’t get an E-tag. Thanks to @lexamantis for giving me the link to this video:

Still thinking of getting an E-tag? Drop me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are about the Gauteng E-tolling System. I would love to hear from you.

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