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Apple 5 in 1 Keyring Concept


Here’s an Apple Product Concept for you that was brought to my attention by Jarred Pillai (a former colleague of mine):

An Apple Keyring that has has 5 tools in 1 product.

Features include:

  • The Keyring: Serves the purpose of a key ring. Also gives the person carrying it “the proud to be a Mac follower” feeling everywhere they go. The Mac, iPhone, iPad & iPod is not enough – This compliments the current Apple product range.
  • Torch: This illuminates from the Apple logo as that of the Mac laptop – you have the choice to switch this on or off and it uses a normal button battery.
  • Apple SIM Ejector Pin: Instead of being on its own, now you never have to worry about loosing it.
  • Bottle Opener: Well it says it all – “Cheers”.
  • iPad / iPhone Mini Stand: Now you’re probably stunned, huh? Well, yes the bottle opener also coverts into a mini iPad / iPhone stand.

The lid screw of the battery has a mini suction ensuring that when you put your iPad on it the iPad doesn’t have any idea of going on a trip. If you like this concept and would like to see this become a reality be sure to vote for this product and rate it at the following link.

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