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Arcade Empire celebrates their 3rd rocking birthday


They have a venue that was voted the best in South Africa at the MK Awards 2014, we know that Arcade Empire can throw a party to remember, and with them turning 3 rocking years old and Arcade Empire in Potch opening in the same week, it was bound to be a good one. With a line-up that could have been a day at Oppikoppi, we rocked out to the sweet tunes of The Olympic, Yo Grapes, The December Streets, Desmond and the Tutus and the always exciting Van Coke Kartel.

Friday night was my first time seeing the Solo-Electo pop project of Desmond and the Tutus drummer, Craig Durrant, Yo Grapes live, and I was not disappointed. As a huge fan of Desmond and the Tutus, I loved the sound of the music, the energetic backtrack with a chilled guitar sound and Vocals.

The December Streets were their usual energetic self with their trumpet and bass solos, kept the crowd entertained and wanting more! The crowd sang along and I could see there were somewhat more fans of the band than the previous gigs I’ve been too. There were 2 guys in front of me that sang and danced along to every song they played. After that great start to the night it was finally time for one of the main acts, one of my favourite local bands at the moment, Desmond and the Tutus. This 4 piece band out of Pretoria really knows how to get the crowd jumping and singing along, even if they don’t know all the words. With the awkward dance solos and quirky lyrics, they are one of the most entertaining live bands in South Africa.

Last, but definitely not least, my favourite South African band, after Fokofpolisiekar that is, for the last 8 years, Van Coke Kartel who was on the second last show of the “Klein Wêreld Toer”. It was the first show I’ve seen with the ex Pestroy drummer, Dylan Hunt, behind the drum set. There have been some mixed reviews about Van Coke Kartel’s ability to cope without Jason, but some people forget that they have done this before when Justin left the band. The energy that comes with Wynand, the God-like guitar abilities of Jedd and the Rock star vibe Francois brings makes Van Coke Kartel, according to me, they work with Dylan Hunt and they are still the best local band over the last few years and they are just getting better and better at it. There is nothing that can stop these guys from doing what they love doing. They definitely do it for the love of Rock ‘n Roll and the die hard fans out there.

You can catch Francois van Coke in action with Arno Carstens at the following Barnyard shows:

  • 27 April – Willowbridge (Bookings on 021 914 8898)
  • 28 April – Gateway (Bookings on 031 566 3045)
  • 11 May – Parkview (Bookings on 021 368 1555)
  • 12 May – Rivionia (Bookings on 011 234 2033)

Tickets are a mere R150.00 and selling like weed in Hilbrow. Don’t miss out!

What were your thoughts on the 3rd Arcade Empire birthday shows? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. If you’ve enjoyed my review, feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is caring after all.

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