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Aston Wylie releases New Single: “Stormy Waters”


Cape Based singer-songwriter Aston Wylie has released a new single called “Stormy Waters”. This is his second release for 2019. His previous single, ‘Broken And Beautiful’ was released in February of thus year.

“Stormy Waters” was recorded and produced by Dolf Willemse and Ewald Jansen van Rensburg at Popkult Studios in Potchefstroom in January 2019.

Aston Wylie
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The song is driven, emotional and uplifting. “Stormy Waters” was written in mid 2018 with nature and more particularly, the ocean as inspiration.

“This song is about the inevitable tides occurring in a relationship. This song is my pledge to always hold on, no matter what, because I know that love will win.” says Aston Wylie.

Portraying a message most people would be able to relate to, “Stormy Waters” features a dominate use of falsetto. It’s stylistically something brand new for Aston Wylie.

Aston has more to say about the song: “Stormy Waters is currently my favourite song to perform because it creates a special connection to the audience every time I do. I think that energy transferred into the recording nicely and I am excited to release it into the world.”

I’m not a huge fan of contemporary / pop music, but this song is extremely produced. This song blows me away every time I listen to it. Crank it up below and you’ll hear what I mean.

Like what you hear? You can buy / stream the song HERE.

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