Author: Jaco Van der Merwe

I write and recite for Bittereinder, WALKIE TALKIE & Die Begin. IG: @bitterjakkals

Near the end of 2010 a band from Pretoria released an album called The Mystery of the Seven Stars. Most listeners were smitten, it was hard not to be. The band, Fulka, was doing this lovely “folktronica” thing, and doing it really well. Lots of banjos, violas, acoustic guitars, pianos, trombones, vocal harmonies and minimal electro beats, all skilfully arranged. If you’ll excuse the double negative, there was pretty much nothing not to like. Fulka’s live show was just as impressive. Five and sometimes six multi-instrumentalists constituted many a sound engineer’s Most Tormenting Gig Ever, with a vast array of…

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