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A green cow, part of a heard of plastic / latex cows, spread between Nelspruit, Sabie and Cape Town. My owner adopted me when I only could speak Chinese, now I'm fluent in Afrikaans, English second language and cow.

Francois Van Coke Solo Album Review

You don’t need me to tell you who Francois van Coke is. You know his musical biography and history. As a cow that...

Saarkie “Reisiger” Album Review

There is a sparkle in the guys' eyes when I tell them that Saarkie is made up of 3 girls playing their own ...

Plenty of surprises at the 21st annual SAMAs

I live in Nelsparta, but here we also love watching the SAMAs (even though SABC 1 only shows like half of the show -...

aKING Interview

aKING, 9 other local acts and 4 international acts (Skillet, The Airbourne Toxic Event, The Red Jumspuit Apparatus and The Curious Incident) are playing...


When oom Henno asked me to review AWOLNATION I had no idea who or what they were. I had “Youth of the nation” by POD...

Get swinging with the Swingsetters

About 3 years ago I was hanging around the rock stage at Up The Creek Music festival. The sun was shining brightly, it was the...

From a Nelspartan: “Take it away Steve Hofmeyr”

So here I am, fresh back in the Lowveld from Cape Town and already I want to go back and live with the goats...

4 useful tips to survive Up The Creek 2015

Before you say anything, yes - I'm giving you another guide to survive for a festival.  Guides are often written by experts in the...

Black Market Riots call it a day

Some fans say it was expected, others hoped that the band will continue on the road to success, but for the last six months...

It’s all about that bass

Truly it’s all about that bass, the booty, the ka-donk-donk, the apple bottoms... call it what you want. I’m a cow, I’m naturally curvy...

Bittereinder – Skerm (Album Review)

As a fan of music I love to buy my albums directly from the artist. I always feel I do the artist a favour...

Zebra & Giraffe’s new album is Sexy & Smooth

Imagine this, it’s a beautiful hot summers day in the Lowveld. I’m next to a clear blue swimming pool with an ice cold beer...

A list of songs that makes you want to switch off...

Despite the technology that's available on our mobile phones and MP3 players, we still listen to the radio. In our stable we love listening...

Clap your hands for Jeremy Loops – “Trading Change”

The Lowveld is not called the Slowveld for nothing. It takes a snail this long to bring Jeremy Loops new album “Trading Change” to...

Everything you need to know about Innibos

Many of you have probably heard of Innibos or you've seen some SA rock bands updating their Facebook pages, saying something like "Heading off...

A special reminder for people against hunting

For the past few weeks I've been struggling to get back into public opinion. Since our buddy Pierre sudden passed, both my human and...

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