Author: Dominique Beaulieu

I'm an expert writer who specializes in creating various training and professional upgrade courses, materials and manuals. I mainly write about development, digital marketing, design, business strategies, etc. This breadth of specialization allows me to write expert columns on the most pressing topics in today's society and to specialize in creating reviews on Writing Judge.

Looking for some useful copywriting tips for Google? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered today. If you still remember the times when sites were filled with canvases from texts stuffed with key queries and intended for search robots, then it’s time to forget about it. Google has evolved, Content has become King, and SEO, no, is not dead, contrary to popular belief. Moreover, search engines do not stop increasing their demands on the quality of content and mechanisms for delivering the most relevant results. Therefore, in order for your material to hit the target, both from Google’s point of view and…

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