Author: Mary Hunter

I'm a well-known American freelance blogger with advanced writing skills. I currently work as a translator at TheWordPoint translation service. I have experience in editing and marketing. My works have appeared in different publications and on various websites.  I've been studying at William Paterson University as a philosopher. My main goal in life is not to set up any goals and keep working every day.

If you like most of us and thinking for starting a blog, there are some things you must make sure to do. Every professional blogger knows that it’s a lot more than just creating good content. There are different components that constitute a great blog. Here are ten things to do in your first three months of starting a blog. 1. Set Goals First and foremost, set yourself goals before starting a blog. If you are starting a blog, you must know what you are trying to achieve and what aims you are pursuing. Ask yourself such questions: How many page…

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