Author: Nirav Parmar

I'm an online marketer and blogger who has hands-on experience in crafting creative content. The skills I possess in creative writing is fantastic as my ability to write engaging content attracts the readers. My enthusiastic approach to researching the facts related to the topics is phenomenal. I know all the latest trends of delivery business, strategies to digitalise SMEs, changing market dynamics, etc.

The internet is the medium that is firmly determined to change the world with the digital revolution and has been successful in doing so and will continue to do so in the future. Most of the business models have started their expansion with the digital transformation. Digitalization is the trend because it has something to spice up and new to offer to change and create a revolution. Digitalization offers many useful variations that will enhance the business model and gives them the wings to fly and achieve desired success. It has the ability to drive the business to a successful…

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