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Axl Rose Hints At New Album


The rumours come by way of Axl Rose’s recent interview with an Icelandic publication. Guns ‘N’ Roses had just played to a 25,000-strong audience in Reykjavik, which FM station 94.3 WQCM reports is the largest concert in Iceland’s history. That’s around 7% of Iceland’s population in one GNR concert – a fantastic way to end the European leg of a world tour that’s been ongoing since April 2016.

Axl Rose was asked if the conclusion of his band’s successful European tour dubbed “Not in This Lifetime” might lead him towards developing new content in the near future. Alternative Nation’s sources say that Rose responded by pointing out the band’s current focus on touring, as the Not in This Lifetime tour is set to end on November of this year. However, Rose also added his observation that the band has been getting along quite well and that it is good to keep fans guessing. Which wasn’t a no.

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Photo by Ralph PH

As you can imagine, this is enough to start online speculation via Guns ‘N’ Roses’ millions of fans around the world, especially since it’s followed by other rumours that Rose is working on new material with AC/DC’s Angus Young.

Rose Tattoo frontman Angry Anderson had recently shared a conversation he had with Angus Young about Axl being involved in a new AC/DC project. Is Axl Rose going to be a permanent fixture in AC/DC? Does this herald a return to the golden age of 80s rock?

It should come as no surprise that any hint of a new GNR album has the Internet buzzing with questions. Whether or not you’re a fan of GNR, the band are legends in their own right and highly influential icons of 80s rock. And with 1980s aesthetic coming back into vogue these days, the band’s influence can be seen across a number of significant mainstream and niche platforms, particularly in the world of gaming.

The band’s dynamic over-the-top energy seems to translate very well to modern video games. For instance, in Rockstar Entertainment’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Axl Rose provides the voice for the famous DJ Tommy “The Nightmare” Smith. FoxyBingo has several games based on rock bands, including a dedicated tribute to Guns N’ Roses’ first and most acclaimed album, Appetite for Destruction.

To the uninitiated, this 1987 debut album is the one that unites all of GNR fandom. And then there’s the famous rhythm game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, which, apart from featuring its share of the band’s greatest hits, even animates a computer-generated Slash for players to jam with.

The regular presence of the forefront members of Guns ‘N’ Roses’ in new media is a stark indication of the 80s band’s timeless appeal. It also demonstrates how the original line-up has managed to stay relevant during the numerous member changes.

And if you want a personal taste of how GNR is still able to capture audiences in 2018, you may not have to go far. We recently reported that Guns ‘N’ Roses’ Not in This Lifetime world tour is coming to FNB Stadium, right here in South Africa.

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