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Banned Axe Excite “Even Angels Will Fall” TV Advert


For those of you who did not know, Axe (or Lynx in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and China) is a brand of male grooming products. Axe is owned by the British/Dutch company Unilever and marketed towards young males. Axe’s range of deodorants and other male grooming products is quite popular in South Africa. Over the years they have become renowned for their really innovative and creative TV adverts.

Axe Brazil teamed up with the BBH agency and has presented a new provocative advert just in its usual teasing and tongue-in-cheek style. The story is centered on the divine creatures of the universe who come down to earth and turn into mortal ones just because of Axe Excite (and the guy wearing it). “The fragrance can make you forget the rules and commitments, because even heaven can’t resist the temptation when smells this alluring scent”. I must admit that this is a bit far-fetched and some religious folks will consider an advertising angle like this to be a little blasphemous.

The advert was banned today by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa) earlier today (probably for this reason).  I do think that Axe could’ve gotten away with this if they approached it a little differently. I think that if there weren’t any religious connotations with angels there would be nothing wrong with this advert.

The advert features models Magda Klebanska (from Poland), Adewole Betty (from the UK), Frances Phillips (also from the UK), Sara Sampson (from Portugal), Josipa Jankovic (also from Portugal), Ivanovic Josipa (from Croatia) and Iva Grdic (als from Croatia). If you’re easily offended I advise you not to watch this advert below. If not, take a peak:

If this offended you in any way, I do apologize. I’m merely showcasing a banned advert, not trying to cause a shitstorm. What do you think of this advert? Please comment on this post and let the readers of Running Wolf’s Rant know what you think.

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  1. Axe Have Released This Statement Today:

    “On the 26th October, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) passed a ruling upholding a consumer complaint against our latest TV advert and ordered the commercial pulled from the air. The advert, showing Angels succumbing to the seductive smell of our new fragrance, AXE Excite, and falling to earth to pursue the great smelling AXE Man, was part of a global campaign and has been received with great enthusiasm around the world. The Angels have made quite an impact in South Africa, and popular news, content and social media portals were quick to report on the ruling.

    AXE South Africa respects the ASA’s decision and apologises to any consumers who may have been offended by the advert. That was never our intention. The advert has been duly removed from mass broadcast and we have resorted to showcasing some international versions of the advert on our private brand channels, including http://www.facebook.com/axesouthafrica, where consumers opt-in for the type of tongue-in-cheek, sexy and sometimes edgy content AXE is known for.

    As a show of good faith to those concerned, we have also made sure the seriousness of the matter is understood by our Angels, who will from now on try their very best to resist the seductive powers of The AXE Effect. To those AXE Men who have used, and who are continuing to use AXE Excite in the hope of seducing Angels, please note – whilst there is no individual danger of disciplinary action from the ASA, the Angels have been known to come in at quite a speed, and the use of AXE Excite is completely at your own risk.

    Due to the incredible amount of support we have received in the press and through social media, we have invited everyone to have their say on our Facebook page. So what do you think? Would you like the Angels to keep falling? Let us know.

    And don’t worry, the Angels are still permitted to host their Cloud 9 party on December 3rd, so if you haven’t already entered our competition for exclusive VIP tickets, then make sure you go to http://www.facebook.com/AxeSouthAfrica to enter.”

  2. I am Christian, and when I saw the advert I was truly offended. I understand that if you are not a Christian you probably think that the rest of us who are, are making a big fuss out of nothing (its just an Advert), but see it this way, if someone offends/insults you, in front of a lot of people, how would you feel as a person? That’s what the AXE Excite advert made us feel, it offended and insulted us Christians.

    • @steffi, I know several Christians, and have read comments by several more Christians, that are not offended by the advert. These Christians are different to you in that they have senses of humour, and even more importantly, they don’t assume they have the right to speak for all Christians, as you do.

      It’s narrow minded people like you, together with your arrogant and unfounded assumption that you speak for all Christians, that are a greater danger to this country that a bit of creativity that a definite minority finds offensive.

  3. It did not offend me. Angels have been used a lot in the popular media and is not confined to the realm of Christianity at all. (Or in my humble opinion.)


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