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The Batmobile: A Cinematic Evolution


The billionaire vigilante, Batman is a man of many gadgets, toys and vehicles, but none of these tools of his vigilante trade are as important or as iconic, as the Batmobile itself. I’m a huge fan of the Batman movies and I have to admit that the little boy in me has always secretly wanted to own at least one of them.

Each of the different actors that has donned the cape and cowl of Batman in a movie has brought something different to the role. Just as each director has looked to take the franchise in their own direction. These changes are shown clearly in the vehicles chosen to be the Batmobile.

This infographic gives you all of the information you could want about the Batmobiles used in the films and tells you what each Batmobile has said about the Batman that drove them. From the kitch Adam West and his shark repellent bat-spray to gravelly voiced Christian Bale and the uber powerful Tumbler. Check it out below:

Batmobiles and the Bat by Select Car Leasing.

Well, there you have it, all the info you ever needed to know about the Batmobile. I trust that this has left you feeling informed and full of geeky facts you can tell all your friends.

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