30 of the Best #Braailyrics Tweets for National Braai Day

As Heritage Day 2010 nears its end in South Africa I want to feature some #Braailyrics tweets that have been floating around the popular micro-blogging service Twitter today. It seems that National Braai Day 2010 was a complete success. Many South Africans sent tweets and photos via Twitter keeping their followers updated throughout the day.

National Braai Day has certainly become a countrywide institution in South Africa and it’s definately not limited to one age group or one ethnic group. My #Braaimovies Tweets post has been extremely popular today. I want to thank all those who read it and spread the word. I’m glad the post spread smiles accross the faces who read it.


I promised some readers that I will be doing a follow up post about #Braailyrics, so this is it. These tweets solidifies the fact that creativity is alive and well in South Africa.

Here are 30 of the Best #Braailyrics tweets that I saw over the last 24 hours

#Braailyrics Tweet Tweeted By
I like big chops and I cannot lie @rafiq
Chop through the heart, no marinade. You give braai a bad name – Bon Jovi @unodewaal
I’ll be there til the stars don’t shine til the heavens burst and the words don’t rhyme, even when I braai, you’ll be on my… @Mmankitseng
I can be your braaivleis baby – Enrique Slaaisous @saintdoppler
Don’t braai for me Argentina @De0nMeiring
Het jy ‘n braaitang en ‘n steak en ‘n wors gekry, ek weet nie wie jy is nie maar kom braai by my @BaasDeBeer
Every bite you take – Police @Zerils
It’s my party and I’ll braai if I want to @bronwynnortje
Braaier innie windjie sal ek bly (Only in PE) @Labo_Goon
It’s my braai, and it’s now or never. The coals won’t be hot forever. – Bon Jovi @CobusPotgieter
Dis julle wat die tjops, dis julle wat die tjopsn dis julle wat die tjops daar braai! @Jonnny_B
I braai’d all night! @EaganW
Griller – MJ (Michael Jackson) @Phosci
I believe I can Braaaaaaai!!! Think about it every night and day, braai my wings and fly away… @DJLOYD
My way or the braaiway.. – Limp Bizkit @philipluyt
Chakalaka ma eh eh, chakalaka eh, eh…, this one’s for Africa. @SoulFloSA
Eers braai die ou vroutjie en dan braai haar ou man,en hy vat om haar lyfie en dan braai hulle saam @karenzoid
No charcoal, no braai @watkykjy
Been spending most my life braaing meat, drinking Coke with ice. (Coolio) @BaSHhAR
I braaied it my way @stefanamadeus
Daar onder braai drie pikkewyne @jakkielouw
We’ll keep on braai ing ’til the end – Freddy Mercury @Bradley_Moore
Baby waai jou boud vanaand, baby ek voel stout vanaand, ek bring n’ harde houd vanaand, baby ek wil…braaaai … @ArshadECHELON
Do wanna piece of meat? – Britney Steers @psylene
I’m being followed by a braai shadow…braai shadow braai shadow – Cat Stevens @BouwerBosch
Braai Me A Liver – Justin Timberlake @NerissaNaidoo
If you liked it, then you shoulda put an onion ring on it… @sboshmafu
Eminem Ft. Rihanna – Love The Way You Braai @shaunfiddle
Sittin by myself..at this braai..wishing the wors would talk back to me @walker8701
Me and some guys at school, had a braai and we ate real beef… (Braai Adams – Summer of 69) @hansiereinecke


There you have it, 30 of the Best #Braalyrics Tweets for National Braai Day. If you found other lyrics that were funny please comment on this post. If you enjoyed this post, spread the word on Twitter and Facebook.

Feel free to check out our post featuring #BraaiMovies tweets (which was posted this morning).

Watch this space for updates in the Technology category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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  1. Baas de Beer

    Yet another legendary list.
    My latest contribution:

    “Ooh baby baby it’s a braai world, it’s hard to get by just with a slaai girl” #braailyrics

    I freaking love BRAAIDAG! And not only for the awsum tweets 🙂

  2. Baas de Beer

    So what’s the next publicly celebrate-able day for which we can create awsum tweets?

  3. leane

    And all the girls say I’m pretty braai for a white guy!

  4. Adam

    PicknPay is a client of ours at AquaOnline, we put together a Facebook campaign for braai day, and #braailyrics was one of our spin-offs to engage twitter users. It’s been very rewarding knowing we are engaging users. It’s better than the usual prize hook. Adam Brandt – Creative Director.

    1. Running Wolf

      Adam: The response on Twitter was absolutely amazing. Just shows you that Twitter is alive and well in South Africa 🙂

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