50 of the Best #Braaimovies Tweets for National Braai Day

Today is Heritage day in South Africa and featuring some #Braaimovies Tweets for National Braai Day! Nowadays the National Braai Day initiative is referred to as Braai 4 Heritage. An official song was also released last year to make South Africans more aware of this initiative. The song was entitled “Our Heritage” and was performed by Die Heuwels Fantasties, HHP and the Soweto Gospel Choir.

I’m sure that there are plenty of South Africans having a braai today to celebrate their heritage. Last night I saw some brilliant #Braaimovies tweets on the micro-blogging service Twitter. I just had to feature some of them.


Here are the 50 best #BraaiMovies Tweets I saw

#Braaimovies Titles Tweeted by
Dude, where is my Braai? @Phemelo
Jurassic Pork @paul_za
7 braais in Tibet @dutchman75
The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Braai @MelBala
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Gebraaide skull @nankypanky
Braai-Trek @HoerBoer
City of Webers @CamsZA
Natural Born Braai’ers @lea083
Not another braai movie @Hers27
A Wors Called Wanda @norwin
Romeo must braai @JaapHenk
Boetie gaan Braai toe @PeetKruger
Rosemary’s Braai @MichelleMollett
Steaks on a plane @GrantNewton007
7 braais for 7 brothers @oryxza
Corpse Braai’d @SnowGooseSA
Close encounters of the third braai @ray_booysen
The Last Braai Scout @eZulu
Braai Freedom @PurplePisces
007 Braai Another Day @PabiMoloi
Pap Fiction @shauntrennery
10 things I hate about not braaing @BaasDeBeer
How Stella got her braaivleis back @Amantle_M
The (sir)Loin King @SamPugh1
Braai the Beloved Country @lmuston
Clear and Present Braaiers @cecilia_vdm
A Chopwork L’Orange @nickjackson
The curious case of Benjamin Mutton @LiamSMoses
Four Wedding’s and a Braai @CrimsonZA
The Braai Identity | The Braai Supremacy | The Braai Ultimatum @TarrynHarbour
The Braaimaker @comradesipho
A wors to remember @PsychoButterfly
The Braai Next Door @ChaneAlice
The Braai of Frankenstein @MrsGoodbye
Broke Back Braai / Braai Back mountain / Braai that mountain @LEE_20
Live and Let Braai @JoyRecruitRite
Beverly Hills Chop @gastronomically
Rebel Without A Wors @RicharddeNooy
A Braai On Elm Street @SuperFREAK_SA
Sosatie Express @AMG133
Get Rich Or Die Braaing @hottstash
The Prince of Braai’s @MissTFayed
8 chops in a coolerbag! @riaan_bam
Honey I Shrunk the Kebabs @idale
Braai at the Roxbury @zanimuller
Dead Poets Sosatie @Anatinus
John Tucker Must Braai @KaolineK
Forest Rump @MrHydeWine
Braais of New York @Anele
Don’t mess with the roast lamb @HouseofSwag


There was a ton more of these last night on Twitter. I would not be surprised if South Africa. It also proves that the braai is a South African tradition that is conducted by all ethnic groups in the country.

Before I forget, have a splendid Braai Day 2010! Feel free to check out the other posts in the Technology category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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  1. Baas de Beer

    Privileged to make the list! My own fav was “There’s something about Marinade”

    Btw, did you check out #braailyrics ?

    1. Running Wolf

      Baas De Beer: I have not yet, but maybe I should do a follow up post on that tonight…

      1. Baas de Beer

        You really should!

        My pride at the moment: “Braai braai braai ek wil fkn fkn braai!” – Tjop Parow feat Francois van Brannasencoke

  2. Grant Newton

    Freakin awesome!!! Glad to see my name on your list dude. I had so much fun with #braaimovies last night… caused a lot of laughs. I enjoyed seeing more than 1 of ‘mine’ on your list, even though someone else seems to have got it out there too. My wife loved “lambshank redemption”, which didnt make the list… but choosing 50 must have been hell so she’s happy to forgive you for not including it:-) Keep up the good work and thanks again for the mention. Lets connect on twitter…@GrantNewton007

    1. Running Wolf

      Grant Newton: My pleasure dude. Following you now on Twitter. Might do a #Braailyrics follow up post

  3. Cams

    The Hunt for Braai October
    Dirty Braaiing
    Four Salads and a Sosatie
    The postman only marinates twice
    The King and Braai
    Braai Hard, Braai Hard 2, Braai Hard 3, Braai Hard 4 not forgetting Braai hard with a vengeance
    Revenge of braai tongs
    Oh Shucks it’s Pap ‘n Wors

    How to eat braaid worms
    Crouching Weber, hiding chicken
    The WORS Whisperer
    27 salad dressings
    Vleis Ventura
    My Big Fat Greek Kebab

    1. Running Wolf

      Cams: Thank you for the comment, hope you’re having a brilliant Heritage day 🙂

  4. Bronson

    Thanks for posting this list, it’s awesome.

    I’m in Costa Rica and missing out on braai day big time, so this made my day.

    My contribution was Lambshank Redemption.

    1. Running Wolf

      Bronson: Thanks for the comment, will have a Brannas and Coke for you on this side 🙂

  5. NinoDV

    Thanx for compiling a list of the best! There is just too many #braaimovies floating around to keep up.

    Then i must just also give it to @festaans who thought out ‘The Braai Identity’, ‘The Braai Supremacy’, and ‘The Braai Ultimatum’ about an hour before @TarrynHarbour.

    My personal favourites:
    Vleis Ventura – (can’t figure out who posted it first, but people realy cracked themselves up over it!)
    Mary Tjoppins @festaans

  6. NinoDV

    Oops, checked again, @TarryHarbour ws in fact first. My bad.

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