7 of the Best Chatbots for your Business

There was a time when online marketing was all about apps and infographics. Now, there is a new player in the game called “chatbot.”

It has been a lot popular lately, just as if Spectrum Voice is in the headline because it promises to save your phone bill by 30%. However, is a chatbot really something revolutionary or it is all just hype? Let us explore these bots…

What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots existed for a long time but they have received recognition recently. They are meant for boosting the conversation rate. Facebook Messenger deserves the credit for bringing chatbots into the spotlight. It is like a virtual assistant that simulates conversations with human users.


Most Recommended Chatbots for Your Business

Many businesses have started to realize the importance of good old chatbot. They are helpful in getting rid of the routine tasks that demand extra labor. Chatbots can simultaneously process multiple requests from users. They are very useful for building customer loyalty.

If you are considering to use a chatbot for your business, choose from these 7 best ones:

1. ChattyPeople

This is one great platform for creating AI chatbot. You can also integrate it with Facebook. It lets you create Facebook messages quickly without any coding. It is very simple to use for marketers and entrepreneurs alike. It also allows you to create simple customer service questions and integrate them with your Facebook page. It is free so you can get started right away. Chatty People is now acquired by MobileMonkey that specializes in providing Facebook messenger marketing solutions.

2. Botsify

This chatbot also lets you create AI chatbots on your website or Facebook Messenger. You can also integrate it with Google Sheets, Slack, ZenDesk, RSS Feed, WordPress, and Shopify, etc. It is extremely simple to use. In fact, it has a drag and drop interface that lets you design a template for the chatbot. Lots of big brands are using it. Its free version lets you manage 100 users at a time.


It’s a conversational messenger bot used by developers as well as non-developers. You can create conversational scenarios within just minutes. The dialogues allow smooth conversations. This chatbot helps you grow your audience. You get a chance to send your messages where your audience hangouts the most i.e. messaging apps. It actually lets you create an emotional connection with your audience by customizing your discussions.

4. Smooch

This chatbot bridges different business apps with messenger apps. All the messenger chat notifications are sent straight to your business app. This helps streamline all conversations in a single app. You can then create automated workflows and make communication smooth across various teams. It lets you make your bot smarter through conversation records and user metadata.

5. Amtrak

This chatbot lets you ensure your customers get the best customer service. You might already have a list of FAQs customers usually have in mind. These questions can be “What is your return policy?” “How much does this product cost?” “When will I get my order?” and so on. Amtrak allows you to answer these questions in a smooth way. Therefore, your team will have more time at hand to answer the complicated questions. Amtrak is widely used by companies that want to offer not just great but fast customer support.

6. Telegram Bots

Telegram lets you build a bot from the messaging apps. Once you have created the bot, you can run it in any application. Telegram has opened sourced its chatbot code for third parties to easily integrate and create their very own bots. The Telegram API can build and send customized reminders, alerts, news, and notifications. You can also integrate it with other apps like Github or YouTube.

7. Flow XO

This chatbot lets you create bots for Telegraph, Slack, and Messenger, etc. With this platform, you can add flexibility in your bots, too. Once you have created a chatbot (no coding required by the way), you can build a workflow. The drag and drop editor lets you develop the workflow and connect the bot with other platforms. You can connect these workflows over hundreds of different cloud-based applications.


Digital marketing experts say that a decade ago, having a website was important. Then came the need to create mobile apps. Now, businesses need to embrace chatbots.

These chatbots help you to interact with your customers and automate regular tasks. Big players have started to jump on chatbots, too. Even Spectrum Customer Care must be using chatbots to assist customers looking for answers.

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