How To Choose The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

You may think, what is so good about getting glasses that fit your face? Glasses are to see things better. Good glasses can cost more than just a few dollars. It is also true that some trendy glasses need to be maintained or changed every 3-4 years due to their non-sturdiness. But trust me, it is worth the cost.

Glasses are not only the solutions to your optical problems but also a major part of your face. A fitted glass can add a few plus points to your looks, appearance, and personality. It always feels pleasant to look at a well-maintained face, and your glass does that perfectly.

The first thing most of us look for in a glass is how comfortable it would feel to wear them for a long time. But we often forget that if you don’t choose a glass according to your face shape, it won’t feel comfortable.

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It can be quite hard as a beginner to choose a perfect glass that suits your face properly. In this article, we have talked about a few ways to choose glasses to help you out. For more details on glasses, you may visit the Blog page.

What is your face shape?

The first thing you need to find out before looking for glasses is what your face shape is. There are many types of face shapes in the world:

1. Heart-shaped faces

2. Round-shaped faces

3. Oval-shaped faces

4. Square-shaped faces

5. Rectangular-shaped faces

6. Triangular-shaped faces

Look for the features and outline your face has. Look at your jawline closely and see if it resembles any particular shape. Also, check your hairline and cheekbones to see the upper and side structures of your face. You can also ask someone for their opinion regarding your face shape, or you may personally do some research on the features of different face shapes.

Now one thing you must keep in mind is that most faces are not perfectly square or round. Usually, it is a mixture of the shapes above or closely resembles one of the above-mentioned shapes. You need to find out what face shape features dominate your face and go with that shape.

Once you have decided on your face shape, you are ready to look for the glasses that would suit you.

Tips for choosing suitable glasses

Now that you are done identifying your face shapes, you need to know the types of glasses that perfectly fit your face.

One glass, all faces

This applies to all face shapes. As mentioned earlier, most face shapes are mixtures of different shapes. For these faces, it is better to go with some general options rather than choosing a particular frame that fits only one type of face shape. You can go with the slightlycurvy or square-framed glasses for these face types.

Glasses for Heart-shaped faces

These faces are the widest at the foreheads and then narrow down gradually and become pointy at the chins. These shapes also tend to have high cheekbones and sharp jawlines. The oval-shaped or rimless frames go best with these facial structures.

Make sure the frames are thicker and have some detailing at the bottom. The frames must have an oval shape at the top and wide width to balance the wide forehead. Go with the minimal and natural colours and choose a frame that draws more attention to the lower part of your face.

Sunglasses with wingtips or geometrical shapes at the side with thinner frames would look the best.

Glasses for Round-shaped faces

Round faces have round jawlines with slightly wide cheekbones and a bit wide forehead with the cheekbones’ same wideness. These faces have very soft features. Rectangular frames look the best on these face shapes.

These frames sharpen the forehead lines and make the cheekbones sharper and bold. It is better to go with thick frames with sharp edges and bold outer lines. Go with the dark-coloured glasses to make it the focus of your face. It would give a sharper look to your face by enhancing the upper portion of your face.

One needs to be very careful while choosing glasses for round faces is the angular look the glass gives to the face. Perfectly rectangular frames would make your face look longer and thinner by dividing it into two pieces. Slightly angular frames would give an edge to your upper facial features and make them look sharper. The cat-eye would focus on your eye and cheekbones. Choose what suits you the most.

For sunglasses, you can try the D-shaped or cat-eye ones.

Glasses for Oval-shaped faces

These face shapes are best to play with the frames and colours. These faces are widest at the cheekbones with narrow foreheads and jawlines. You can take any glass with these face shapes as long as it has a thick frame and wide width at the sides. You can also choose some curvy geometrical shapes with vibrant colours.

Be as much stylish and bold you can be with sunglasses. Most styles look good on these face shapes.

Glasses for Square-shaped faces

Square-shaped faces usually have very strong, sharp, and bold features. You can try round-framed glasses or oval-framed glasses to make your face structures softer.

Round framed glasses are a bit wider at the edge of the side, making your face look less sharp than it is. It creates a natural and harmonious look that makes the glasses a part of your face. You should go for a thinner frame to balance out your facial features. Ensure that the glass colour does not stand out; otherwise, it would ruin the natural balance you are trying to create with the glasses.

It is better to wear oval frames with long hair and round frames with short hairs.

For sunglasses, you can try out the curvy ones at the top. Instead of going for a flat line, go with the cat-eye type of sunglasses or slightly curvy oval glasses. Also, choose a not-too-thin frame.

Glasses for Rectangular-shaped faces

Rectangular faces are very similar to square ones, except these faces are a bit longer than the square faces’ size. Try the oval-shaped or round-shaped glasses with this face type.

The glasses must be a little wider at the side to balance the high cheekbones. The frames should be slightly thicker than square faces. It just should be enough to cover the long areas of your face. Go for a soft or nude colour that matches your skin tone.

For sunglasses, you can try the cat-eye ones. It would make your face look smaller.

Glasses for Triangular-shaped faces

A triangle face shape is the exact opposite of heart shapes. It is the widest at the jawline and narrows down to the forehead. Get yourself D-shaped or cat-eye glasses for these faces.

The glasses must have detailing on the upper side with thick frames to bold out your forehead and cheekbones. The glasses must have a wider width than the jawline to balance the face structure.

Go with Aviator, D-shaped, or cat-eye sunglasses to get the best look.


Now that you have a very good idea of what glasses to wear with what face shapes, apply them in your life and be a fashionista overnight. You can also check Blog. Choose your glass carefully and be the next fashion queen/king, be it at your college, office, or home. Change your appearance with just a slight change in your glasses.

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