What Are The Best Legal Kodi Addons For Movies & TV Shows?

Kodi is one of the most convenient media player apps to say goodbye to your cable / satellite TV bills every month. Before 2014, it was primarily known as XMBC and later renamed to Kodi. This app is very simple for users to install, and you can even use it on the Amazon Firestick and the Fire OS.

It is compatible with most operating systems and mobile devices. This is why it is popular among users across the world. Note, for the Amazon Firestick and Fire OS, if it can run Android apps, it will support Kodi as well.

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The installation process for Kodi

Note that when you are using Kodi for the first time, you need to install it correctly first. There is no point in installing a media player app with no media for you to stream. It is here that the user needs to set up their personal storage space and later connect this space to the Kodi installed.

Though this process does sound complicated, it is fairly simple for you to do. The good news is that Kodi will give you access to an unlimited resource of media streaming online. You just need to know how to start correctly.

With the aid of Kodi addons, you are able to stream the entertainment media that you want to see. However, Kodi often pulls out copyrighted content online, and so if you are not careful and by mistake, download this content, you will face legal charges.

If you are installing Kodi for the first time, you can also take advantage of Kodi Builds. They have a set of Kodi addons for you to install quickly. You can go through these Kodi Builds and install a good one for your media streaming needs that have all the entertainment content you seek.

Always install legal Kodi Addons

It is prudent for you to play safe and install the following legal Kodi addons for your viewing pleasure:

1. YouTube

YouTube tops the list, and it is free where everyone can upload media to Kodi. Of course, you need to be careful of the media that you upload on Kodi as it can be some of the worst media you might have come across when it comes to audio or print resolution.

However, if you can filter this bad quality media, you can get some amazing entertainment media with the YouTube addon. The installation process for this addon is also very simple. You need to go to the settings option of Kodi and click on the icon that says addons.

The installation of the addon will depend upon the version of Kodi you are running. You some across the Kodi repository that asks you to install the addon, and when you come to video addons, you will find that YouTube is in the list, and you just need to click on it for the installation to complete.

Thanks to this addon, you can watch TV shows, news, movies, documentaries and more. If you love Bollywood, you can even watch Hindi movies online.

2. Twitch

This is a hot favorite for many users of Kodi. If you are fond of the interesting game and non-gaming media content, this is the right add-on for you.

The biggest advantage of Twitch is that it is very simple for you to navigate. The interface is easy for users to use and can be supported with a remote even if the user does not have a keyboard.

The addon is compatible with your login accounts, and you can even chat from it like a personal desktop or laptop. However, for this function, you would need to have a keyboard. The process for the installation of Twitch is precisely the same on YouTube. In this case, you will need to search for Twitch instead of YouTube.

3. Plex

This addon is often considered to be the competitor of Kodi, but actually, it is not. It gives you a great way to organize and watch your favorite media when and where you please to do so with apps that are readily available for all the devices you use. In case you are searching for the advantages of a Plex Media for your needs, you have to master the Kodi interface first.

Once you have become an expert with Kodi, you can combine both of them and enjoy a fantastic home theatre viewing experience with success.

If you become a subscriber of Plex Pass, you are able to preview personalized Plex addons for Kodi, and this gives you all the benefits of customization along with the simplicity and convenience of Plex for organizing all of your media content. In short, with this addon, you actually can enjoy the better of two worlds!

4. USTVNow

If you are fond of cable / satellite TV and want all the listings of your local cable TV on Kodi, this addon is the best one for you. There are almost all the cable channels listed here like Cartoon Network, NBC, CNN, and more. With this addon, you sure will find something to watch for everyone.

This addon is located in the official repository of Kodi, so it will not be hard for you to find it. However, note USTVnow is only limited to those people that live in the USA, and so you need an account for it. You should visit its official website and set up your account so that you can stream media content to your computer as well.

Why should you use a good VPN for Kodi media streaming?

Though Kodi is an amazing media streaming app to cater to all your entertainment needs, you must not forget to install a good VPN for your use. If you are using Kodi on the Linux OS, make sure that you get the best free VPN for Linux.

When you are installing a VPN, make sure that it is compatible with your system. The VPN will ensure that your IPS will not track your online activities, and you can enjoy media streaming without fears of intrusion.

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