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What are the best Netflix Movies to watch?


Wondering what the best Netflix movies to watch are? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered…

It’s a fact that Netflix has changed the way people watch television. With its seamless and uninterrupted accessibility across a range of compatible devices, streaming entertainment round the clock is a winning deal for movie enthusiasts.

The best part of watching your favourite film on Netflix is that you no longer need to stay glued to your couch at home. All you need is just a flawless internet connection on your smartphones or tablets and you’ll be ready for virtual action!

Best Netflix Movies
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Similar to the mean of RTP in casino games that attract gaming lovers to the best online games, with Netflix, you can enjoy an immersive experience watching the best-rated movies on the move. If you are one of those who enjoy spending Sundays watching movies on Netflix, here are a few suggestions that could make your weekends indulgent.

Films appealing all genres

The reason people register with Netflix is it’s high-quality. From action, romance, thriller, horror, comedy to anything you are in the mood to watch is available for streaming in no time. If you are a Sylvester Stallone fan, Rocky from 1976 could be inspiring to watch.

Consider The Dark Knight (2008), if you love the Batman franchise and see how magnificently the director deals with the dark characters with the intense on-screen depiction of the comic books you read years ago.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Ah! There’s enough content on Netflix to get you a stellar escape over the weekend. Plug in to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi (which was released in 2017). The eight iconic chapter of the Star Wars saga, the movie will take you through light-years of entertainment in time and space. It will also get you in the mood to watch the 9th episode in the Star Wars saga (which gets released in December this year).

Want some drama on the screens to unfold? Netflix features Steven Spielberg’s 1993 release Schindler’s List. Watch the Nazis and Jewish factory workers in an improbable encounter as the director narrates the true story of Oskar Schindler. The film won 7 Academy Awards in 1994.

Schindlers List
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If you are in a light mood, The Graduate would be a witty pick from that lot! Funny with emotional chargers playing lock and key through the movie, you can relive the scenes from Charles Webb’s novel. These are just some of the best Netflix movies to watch, there’s plenty more where that came from.

So what are the best Netflix movies to watch?

Make sure that you hop on and watch some of the best films on Netflix. Watchable on HD, you can catch the official trailers for these films before playing it on your palmtops: The Irishman, Marriage Story, In the Tall Grass, Polar, The King, Always Be My Maybe, Wine Country, See You Yesterday, Someone Great.

If you admire Beyonce’s music, don’t forget to watch this documentary Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce. For Rom-com lovers, there’s The Perfect Date. Triple Frontier packs in some serious action while The High Flying Bird will take you through the journey of an NBA agent and his audacious plans. For some creepy horror day out, Eli would be a perfect choice running a chill up your spine.

There’s so much to look forward to on Netflix and the list is only going to get longer! Every month new series and movies are added, so start watching now! Sign up for a free trial HERE.

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