7 Best Photo Apps For Incredible iPhone Photography

Check out our selection of the best iPhone photo apps. If you want to make your photos better, brighter and more original, you can make use of these apps and your photos will stand out from thousands of others.

Apple has always strived to create quality cameras on their smartphones. Even though the iPhone camera is recognized as one of the best, many smartphone owners ask the question: “How can I make my iPhone pictures look professional?” The answer is simple – you need photography apps.

Photo Apps - Iphone Photography

With so many apps in the App Store, it will be challenging to determine which one is the best for your requirements. That is why we have created a collection of the best photo apps used by bloggers, celebrities, and ordinary people. The rating of these applications is not lower than 4. Let’s go!

Here are the 7 Best Photo Apps For Incredible iPhone Photography

1. VSCOcam

VSCOcam is the most famous and simple photo editing software. What’s unique about the app? It will make your photo look better. Yet the main advantage of the program is VSCO filters! Here you will find free and paid filters.

It also allows users to edit videos, add frames to photos, make a vintage photo with warm tones and change the texture. The developers have added functions to work with contrast, exposure, sharpness, and other typical parameters in VSCO. The owners of various online services use this application. For example, a writing service creates photographs in warm colors, and the students tell them – write my paper for me. This approach allows them to gain the trust of students.

2. Phonto

Phonto is an application that contains 400 fonts that you can apply to any image. Very often, scientists use such applications to create research papers if there is no computer or laptop at hand. The application will help you change the font size, give a shade and gradient to the letters. You can also bend and rotate sentences, work with line spacing.

If you want to make your image more creative, Phonto can help. For example, the program can take a photo in a heart, a balloon, or other geometric shapes. The interface is simple and accessible: you can see all the changes in the background. You can download the app for iPad, iPod touch, and Apple smartphones.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

What is the best free camera app for iPhone? Of course, Adobe Photoshop Express is a mobile version developed by the owners of the famous Photoshop. The program provides free access to filters, editing functions, and you can easily import photos to your phone or share them on social networks.

Thanks to these features, Adobe Photoshop Express has become one of the best photo apps for iPhone:

1. Users can crop photos into frames and make collages;

2. Users can add stickers, memes, labels. For example, this is done by writers’ services, when students write to them – write my paper; bloggers when they post Instagram stories or writers for their articles;

3. Users can add a vivid filter that makes the photo better;

4. Portrait, monochrome, two-color, and other filters are available to users;

5. Users can fix photo defects with one click.

Express Photoshop handles issues like noise or grain well. For this reason, Adobe Photoshop Express is the best camera app for iPhone.

4. Moldiv

Moldiv is an indispensable assistant for those who like to take selfies, group photos, or videos. With the application, you can take better selfies, add freshness to the skin, change the shape of the face, color, and eyes’ size. You can also add animation graphics to the video. If you need collages – Moldiv will provide you with different formats, and you can frame them in whatever color you want. Features such as adding a fretboard, stickers, patterns, and much more are available to you.

5. Darkroom – Photo Editor

What apps do professional photographers use? Adobe Photoshop Express and Darkroom – Photo Editor! The application takes leading positions for the following reasons:

1. The application automatically selects frames for the photo based on its concept.

2. The program provides ten free filters. If you need more, you can get a premium subscription.

3. The program allows you to export several images at once.

4. You can control brightness, contrast, shadows, sharpness using this application.

5. You can replace the background of the photo.

6. Snapster

The program is perfect for those who want to take a better photo without spending a lot of time. You can:

1. Manage the shades of the image;

2. Add filters;

3. If you need auto-correction of a photo, press one button, and the program will select the best functions.

7. Rookie Cam

Rookie Cam is a program for those who want to apply filters in real-time. Right in the shooting process, you can select the desired filter, and the photo will become better. So the application has 170 filters, and 40 of them are designed for selfies. If you need to create a creative video, Rookie Cam has the right set of tools. You can use frames or stickers to decorate your photos. The program can make collages in the form of an album, magazine, or poster.

What Camera Setting is Best For iPhone Pictures?

Combined with the popular iPhone applications listed above, camera settings will look good. We recommend paying attention to the following parameters:

1. Grid. The on-screen grid helps to correctly position all objects in the future photo, to form a composition.

2. Flash. Use this function when shooting at night.

3. Exposition. If you install an app like VSCOcam and increase the exposure time, you can take brighter, better-quality photos than usual, especially in low light.

4. HDR mode. A beneficial, convenient, and beautiful camera mode that makes the photo much brighter, clearer, and better in general.

Use these tips and the software to make your photos ideal. Don’t forget that editing is a very important part of photography. Thus, pay more attention to this stage if you want to become a true professional.

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