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Betting Strategy: An overview of the major Betting Systems


Wondering what the best betting strategy is? It’s a fact that betting has always been associated with chance-taking right from inception. Nothing is guaranteed because the tide can change at any moment in the game.

Due to this, strategies are being developed on a daily basis so as to increase punters chances of winning and beating bookies at their games.

Betting Strategy
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This write-up takes a look at some of the most popular types of betting strategy used by punters.

1. Bet all, always

The central idea behind this strategy is that one should use the entire bankroll to place stakes with the hope that one will earn massively. The major demerit it has is that it leaves punters out of cash in as little as no time if the game doesn’t go as planned.

2. Martingale

This strategy is simple. It means punters have no choice but to bet a double stake after any failed bet to cover losses incurred  with the next bet’s winnings. This is a diabolical approach because it equally exposes the punter to losses which might increase significantly.

3. Fibonacci

This method was developed by Archontakis and Osborne based on the idea of the mathematical legend, Fibonacci. According to this strategy, punters should stick to betting on draws whenever the odd exceeds 2.6 even if it means losing at first. Gradually, the punter will break if he/she continues in this line. The main demerit of this strategy is that bankrolls are not unlimited. A player might never break even if this approach is strictly followed.

4. Bet proportionally

This is a financial management plan designed to make sure that punters set aside a dedicated amount of money (bankroll) to place bets for a particular period (usually a season) of time. This strategy also has many variants.

Under this strategy, punters set a particular percentage of their bankroll (between 1-2%) as the maximum amount of stake that can be used on a match/bet slip. For some, the betting rate is adjusted to what is presently contained in the bankroll while for others; the initial equivalent of the bankroll is maintained whether or not the punter makes a profit.

Which system has the best betting strategy?

Each of the strategies contained here has their pros and cons. Some are even specific to a particular type of sports. As a result, it is almost impossible to say for sure that a particular approach is the best betting strategy among the aforementioned.

Similarly, there are other external factors that must be put into consideration before a particular approach can be fully optimized. To find out the best strategies for South African punters, see Upsure.co.za


In conclusion, the betting strategies highlighted above are not exhaustive in nature and there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for betting. The key to maximizing one’s earning depends largely on how a punter is able to merge the objective and subjective data together.

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