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Bittereinder – Skerm (Album Review)


As a fan of music I love to buy my albums directly from the artist. I always feel I do the artist a favour by doing so, cutting out the middleman, plus it gives me a chance to drool over them. This is the case with my copy of Bittereinder’s brand spanking new album “Skerm”. I bought it at a Halloween party here in Nelsparta and I couldn’t have made a better investment.

Now you know I’m all about rock and roll but Bittereinder is in my Top 5 of MUST WATCH live bands in South Africa. Dressed up as maan mannetjies at the gig, this was just a taste of what was lying and waiting for my ears. Since the album was bought it’s been passed around the stable like a good rollie.

The opening track will kick off the party where it moves on to one my favourites “Vagevuur”. The other is “Tribute” because if you listen carefully it’s a dedication to fellow South African bands, musicians, songs and albums. What set this album from their previous album they managed to bring visuals into the listener’s head even if you haven’t seen them live (if not what’s wrong with you). “Skerm” is then the song that will convert you from sheep to leader.

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We (meaning us rock heads) have a lot to say about doef-doef music, but what makes Bittereinder cool is that they are original – not a copy & paste group like some DJ’s out there. Also Louis Minaar is a hot piece of cheese, Peach van Pletzen will be good in some yoghurt, while I can stare at Jaco van der Merwe bearded mouth as he raps words I wish I understood. You know me, I will always look at something different. It’s great that the trio have found a way to feature all their vocals on the album, it’s an awesome addition.

The colab with Dutch MC/Rappy Tim Beumers on “The Ones” (along with Tumi from Tumi and The Volume) makes you want to hit the share button. The other colab on the album, “Jou tyd sal kom”, features HemelBesem and all I’m saying is you’ll appreciate it. The album was recorded at the Sleeproom Studio in Pretoria by Peach (aka Perske) and mastered in Los Angeles, California. It’s all a true South African product and if your Steve Stofsuiger loving friend is bitching about the lack of Afrikaans in the world you must try to burst his eardrums with this album. Bittereinder is proof why Afrikaans works in music, why don’t you try rapping in Afrikaans? I always think that you don’t have to be a pop star on a soapbox to bring through your opinion in your mother tongue – there are people like Jaco, Perske and Louis and that my friends is living proof.

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Ultimate favourite track: “Skerm”. I love, love, love the beat in this song and I can see us jumping around on it again in my head.

Least favourite track: what kind of a question is that?

If you wondering what to buy your grandma I don’t recommend this album (unless she’s cool) but if you want to buy your friend or sibling a cool album, then “Skerm” is the best Christmas present this year. I give it 8 out 10 RWR Howls and a 10 out of 10 RWR Howls for album art.

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