Boargazm take on Ecuador

South African metal band Boargazm recently embarked on a three show tour of Ecuador (in South America). Boargazm front man and lead guitarist Heine van der Walt was nice enough to give us a recap of their tour. Read his story below.

“So we set off on a very early morning on the 29th of July and had the next 30 hours on the airports of Johannesburg, Sao Paolo and Colombia, until we finally reached our destination: Quito in Ecuador. The travel was mostly uneventful except for Cicero (our bassist) constantly freaking the hell out during take-off and landing like Beavis in that other movie…

Boargazm in Ecuador 01

We arrived to a very warm welcome from some of our old friends from Shajol (whom Emalyth and ourselves hosted for a lekker Wolmer tour in South Africa in December 2012). Anyway, it was nice to come to foreign country and to find some familiar faces, and of course: some karate juice was in order – 6 litres of it to be precise. Boom: Jy kan ‘n Wolmer nerens heen vat nie.

For a few days we checked out the nightlife, cuisine, sights and stuff whilst rehearsing with our Ecuadorian native drummer (David Tomaselli). We hit it hard. So we had two shows lined up before the big festival (Quitofest). It’s a very huge festival held in the capital city of Ecuador every year featuring the country’s best acts and some internationals. Best of all it’s free of charge, pulling in a crowd of around 45,000 people. Needless to say we were pretty excited. But I digress, we played our shows with the very talented and hard-working metal band Descomunal (David’s band).

Our first show in Ibarra was quite welcoming, after the first few bars there were people already slam dancing, moshing, and headbanging. South America is the continent of heavy metal, hands down. These guys dig it stukkend and there is such a love and support for it over there. I see the same thing happening in South Africa these days and it’s a beautiful thing indeed. The owner greeted us with what you call ‘puntas’ (which is like cheap liquor, like mampoer) but easy on the throat. These people know how to use fruit, believe you me. So we played like pigs do, partied hard and hit the road.

Next we went to Guayaquil. Lekker harbor city vibes with shiny lights and a huge population. By this point I would just like to mention that the people are friendly as hell. Everyone is helpful and kind, and we never hit a snag in any situation. So by this time we were comfortable and settled in. We hit it hard again and then went to Montanita. A real quaint hippie-surfer town somewhere between Sodom and Gomorra. Needless to say, much seafood and liquor was had. By now, we had the most awesome food in existence: Cerviche, Hornado, Fritadas, Guanabana Helados and fruit. God, do these people know their fruit. Fuckin’ fruit frenzy over there, please send help.

Boargazm in Ecuador 02

Anyway, we headed back to Quito to play what will probably be known as one of the key moments in our lives. It was a world class production and we loved every moment over there, eventually we headed back to South Africa. Check out our video below to see the show at Quitofest. Please like our page on Facebook and buy our shit.”

Well, there you have it, out of the horse’s mouth. Huge thanks for sharing your story Heine. If you happen to catch him at one of Boargazm’s shows, buy the man a beer, he will thank you for it. Maybe he’ll even show you how to squeal like a pig, who knows?

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