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5 year old Boitumelo Ngidi urgently needs your help


On the 27 June 2018, Boitumelo Ngidi (5) from the Mpophomeni Township, in Howick, Kwazulu Natal, was playing with her younger brother Quintin (2), when she accidentally fell backwards into a bath of boiling hot water.

Boitumelo Ngidi was then pulled out of the water by her mum, Nonhlanhla (29) and immediately rushed to Hilton Life Hospital, the closest emergency hospital approximately 25 minutes away.

Boitumelo Ngidi
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She was placed into ICU after sustaining superficial burns on both her upper limbs and neck as well as full thickness burns on her back and buttocks.

“Boitumelo presented with decreased range of motion in the neck, right and left shoulders, oedema in the left hand, poor pain management, inability to sit upright without back support, poor in-bed mobility and poor functional mobility.” says Occupational Therapist, Nadia De Barros

She was discharged but she still needs your help…

Boitumelo was placed into the Paediatric Ward 2 weeks later. She was discharged on the 19th of July because her medical aid could no longer cover the cost of ICU.

“The family has suffered a tremendous ordeal, with Nonhlanhla, carrying a burden of guilt for what has happened to her daughter and the lifelong scars she will have. She has so much love for her daughter and has taken unpaid leave to be at her daughter’s side as often as she can.”  says Boitumelo’s beloved Teacher and Principal at Heritage House Preschool, Karen van Lelyveld.

The family car was also involved in a car accident as a result of the stressful situation. Friends and family have to take them to the hospital to change Tumi’s dressing, which sometimes isn’t possible. They can’t make use of public transport due to her fragile state and for risk of infection.

“Boitumelo has endured so much for such a young child and every time she starts making progress, she gets another infection and skin grafts need to be redone, which sets her back.” says van Lelyveld

Boitumelo Ngidi
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A Backabuddy campaign was set up by her teacher (Karen) to support Boitumelo’s ongoing medical costs, extensive occupational therapy as well has the psychological therapy her family will need. She’s appealing to the public for support to overcome the shortfalls of the family’s basic medical aid plan.

Details about Boitumelo Ngidi’s Backabuddy campaign

The campaign went live on the 17 August 2018 and has thus far raised R 2,604.35 towards the fundraising target of R100,000 with contributions from 7 donors.

Funds generated by this campaign will be directly managed by BackaBuddy NPC and paid directly to the relevant medical practitioners to ensure transparency with donors.

“With surgical intervention that is to follow, Boitumelo will require continued occupational therapy focusing on upper limb rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation until she is independent in the home and school environment.” says De Barros.

She needs to attend occupational therapy sessions 1-2 times a week, purchase pressure garments (which cost about R16,000 each), skin therapy products and possibly splints.

“Last Friday, Boitumelo came to school for an occupational therapy session and stayed for about 2 hours. She is still having difficulty walking and the exercises were noticeably painful for her.”  says van Lelyveld.

She hopes that the public will support the BackaBuddy campaign, so Tumi can get the treatment she needs and return to school full time.

Want to help out Boitumelo Ngidi? Click here to donate to her BackaBuddy campaign.

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