Boost Your Website Traffic Instantly with These SEO Hacks

Looking to boost your website traffic? Today we give you some useful SEO Hacks to make that happen instantly. About 63,000 searches are done on Google every second who translates to about 5.4 billion searches daily. Google is a powerhouse when it comes to online searches with a market share of about 90.5% globally.

This brings us to SEO and website ranking. Search engine optimization is an important aspect in online marketing that keeps mutating like a virus, making it had to treat it or in this case – figure it out.

SEO Hacks

These fluctuations are brought up by the ever-changing search algorithms that are used by search engines to rank websites. It is overwhelming to keep up with the latest SEO practices and trends.

This is especially so when you have several marketing channels to track. Failing to rank for keywords, thinking that is too much work damages your business since you are not reaching out to new clients.

Contrary to what many people think, an effective SEO strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. There simple SEO hacks that can yield desirable results without too much hassle. The following are some of the simple everyday hacks for your SEO that are easy to implement.

Although some of them look simple than others, they are all equally effective and guarantee to boost your SEO ranking no matter the marketing trend. You are welcomed to read through for more insight.

Boost your traffic instantly with these useful SEO Hacks

1. Focus on Your Best Content

This is the cornerstone of your delivery. Everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to content delivery. Your best content should have the following attributes:

1. Evergreen – When creating web content for your visitors, ensure that it’s always beneficial to your visitors

2. Relevant – A relevant content addresses the visitor’s needs and offers solutions

3. Comprehensive – It should also have enough material with comprehensive and detailed information on the topic discussed

4. Up to date –Find new angles in discussing topics and always update your content to provide new information

This is the type of content that you want your visitors to find when trying Google in the keywords in the search bar. Call them the stars that run your website show. The content should be robust and valuable to your readers.


This is just the first step in content marketing; there are other steps like ensuring your popular posts are listed in your blog’s sidebar. The sidebar is found on every page of your blog, making it a valuable asset of your cornerstone content.

Cornerstone content may take up to a year to yield tangible results since the majority of your competitors are implementing this strategy. A good way to cut short the progress time is to ensure your content is perfect in every way.

2. Utilize Your Footer

A few years back, companies used to capitalize on footers, putting a lot of text in it about their products and services to boost their site traffic. This doesn’t apply anymore and you may get penalized by Google nowadays. However, this doesn’t completely rule out the use of footer to boost your SEO ranking; what it requires is a little bit of strategy when applying your footer links.

Ensure that your anchor text is more descriptive and in line with search terms that lure visitors to your website. Being cautious about footers gives you a higher domain authority in your relevant niche. Don’t just link case studies and product pages, you can also link your top value-add pages like cornerstone content and other useful resources.

3. Utilize Keyword Research Tools

One way to check whether the keywords you are ranking for are effective enough is to use keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Keyword Tool, or KWFinder. You can also use Google Search Console for proper results.

Keyword Research Tools

Google auto-suggest also gives you a long list of long-tail keywords that you can include as part of your search phrases. If your content doesn’t have some of these phrases, you can rework on it to incorporate them to make your content pop up in the first few pages of search engines.

You have to realize shoving keywords in your content won’t work you may get penalties for doing that. For accuracy, you need to redo your entire content so that the keywords and search phrases appear naturally in it. The content should also flow to make sense and not just spread all over the page. You will probably start seeing positive results after a month or so if you use keyword tools effectively.

4. Maximize your site’s Dwell Time

Dwell time for those who don’t know refers to the time visitors spend on your website. You increase your chances of ranking better in search engines since Google favors engaging websites. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to make your site interactive and user-friendly to increase dwell time.


There are tools to help you with this one of them is Amazon Polly – a speech-recognition tool that reads articles out loud to visitors, increasing the site’s dwell time. Clicking and entering a website doesn’t help much if you don’t stay for some time to get information.

Dwell time is also a ranking factor. However, not all visitors enjoy going through long pages of text and would prefer listening while someone else reads it for them. Amazon Polly is a great tool that caters to both listeners and readers to increase dwell time for better ranking.

5. Build your Brand

You have a greater chance of ranking better by building and improving your brand. Branding is not only good for your SEO services but also for your entire business. You need to increase your brand’s value so that you instill trust in your audience and customers.


Websites with strong brand footing receive a good reception from search giant Google, and if you win Google’s favor, you will rank better. To strong brand queries, you need to keep visitors on their toes coming back for more. The more your URL finds itself in search bars, the higher you are going to rank and this increases your SEO ranking.


SEO efforts don’t need to be hectic and bloody! You can use simple SEO hacks and get desirable results. The most important thing in any SEO strategy is to know your target audience. This will help build your SEO strategy based on goals and results. Use Best SEO Services to achieve your goals, so ensure you use the right SEO tool for the right results.

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