Boutique Farm Festival: 7 Acts I’m Looking Forward To

Boutique Farm Festival is happening at Tweefontein Melkery from the 25th to the 27th of January. The venue is amazing, the line-up is really awesome. I’m looking forward to it.

Here are 7 acts that I’m looking forward to at Boutique Farm Festival

1. Werner Bekker

I missed this solo artist’s set at Oppikoppi last year and I don’t intend to miss it again. Werner Bekker is arguably one of the best songwriters in South Africa and I want to see what the fuss is about. I’m predicting that he’s probably going to take me on a musical journey of note.

Werner Bekker
Photo by Greyline Photography

2. Die Horries

This Pretoria-based Balls-To-The-Wall rock ‘n roll band blew me away at Oppikoppi last year and I really want to see them again. I’m predicting that their fast-paced and energetic set is going to blow me away.

Die Horries

3. Son of Hawk

This rock band also blew me away at last year’s edition of Oppikoppi. Son of Hawk have gained quite a following over the last year and their set will probably be one of the highlights of Boutique Farm Festival. I don’t intend to miss it.

Son of Hawk

4. Pedro Barbosa

I’ve been following this Mozambican musician’s career since the early 2000s. Watching Pedro Barbosa perform never gets old and I know that he’s going to bring out the big guns for this festival. Brace yourselves bitches.

Pedro Barbosa

5. Bad Peter

I’ve been going to gigs constantly for more than 15 years, but somehow I only managed to watch Bad Peter for this first time about 2 years ago. This acoustic duo’s set is guaranteed to put me in a good mood, so I’m not missing it.

Bad Peter - Oppikoppi 24 Nomakanjani.jpg

6. Valiant Swart

I think I watched my first Valiant Swart gig in 1996 at Shaft. He’s gotten older, but he’s definitely aged like a fine brandy. I’m looking forward to having a Mystic Boer Brandy Special or two during his set.

Boutique Farm Festival: 7 Acts I'm Looking Forward To 1

7. Wonderboom

These South African rock veterans have been stirring up the SA rock scene for more than 20 years. They opened for Guns N’ Roses at FNB Stadium in November 2018. I’m bracing myself for one of the highlights of Boutique Farm Festival.

Wonderboom - Praying Mantis

Well, there you have it, 7 acts that I’m looking forward to at Boutique Farm Festival. If you want to find out who the rest of the acts are that will be playing next weekend, click here.

Boutique Farm Festival 2019

Even Donald Trump is getting involved in Boutique Farm Festival…

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