Bouwer Bosch: 10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know

Bouwer Bosch is one of the biggest names in the local entertainment space today. Not only is he an exceptional singer and actor, but he’s a philanthropist as well.

Besides being a part of the popular band Straatligkinders, Bouwer has just released a beautiful new collaborative EP with Lucinda Neethling titled ‘Waar Die See Die Kus Omhels’.

Now, we get a deeper glimpse into Bouwer as he shares these 10 fun facts:

1. Bouwer didn’t simply stop at getting his driver’s license

He also has his truck license and still gets behind the wheel of a truck every now and again.

2. Bouwer Bosch had a different passion before he hit the big time: dance.

“I was actually a dancer in the USA for a while,” Bouwer says. “I was a dancer before I was a musician and it’s something I am still proud of”.

Bouwer Bosch

3. Bouwer is convinced that he was born with a mustache

It’s something that has since become his signature look.

4. He was once pulled over while doing an interview on air

The singer says that he once called into the DJ Fresh show when the Big Dawg was still on 5FM and while answering a question, he was pulled over by the metro police because he was on his phone. “I told the officer that I am on the phone with DJ Fresh so he took my phone to confirm it and DJ Fresh talked him out of a ticket,” Bouwer recalls. “It all happened live on air!”

5. Tennis is one of Bouwer’s favourite sports

“I was a provincial tennis player in high school and my first dream was to represent South Africa at Wimbledon. Now I serve this country in other ways,” Bouwer says.

6. He can make two minute noodles in a minute

This is one of the special kills that he has that you didn’t know about…

7. Bouwer will appear on the upcoming season of Tropika Island Of Treasure

The series will take place in Curacao (in the Caribbean) and Bouwer’s contagious energy and zingy personality makes him the perfect fit to be #TeamOrange’s leader!

8. He has starred in a variety of big screen blockbusters

The list includes ‘Klein Karoo,’ ‘Mooirivier,’ ‘Sy Klink Soos Lente’, ‘Thys & Trix,’ ‘Vuil Wasgoed’ and a few other films. Many of the movies he has been attached to have had a solid run at the local box office. He’s also made a guest appearance on the KykNet series ‘Hotel’.

9. He launched the popular ‘Liefde Wen’ organisation

It’s a charity that aims to make the world a better place through love. The star has launched a popular online store and has built an impressive brand as he continues to raise funds to help make South Africa a better place.

Click here to find out more about Liefde Wen.

10. In 2020, Bouwer wants to put a lot more of his attention into music development

“I am passionate about South Africa and the sound it can bring to the table and I want to get more involved with the artist development stage. I would love to create a platform to help up-and-coming musicians reach their dream. I’m still figuring how, but it’s on my 2020 mission list.”

Well, there you have it, 10 facts that you didn’t know about Bouwer Bosch. If I missed anything cool, feel free to comment below.

I’d like to thank Bouwer for these facts and I wish him all of the best with his future endeavours.

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