Brace yourself for Rock of the Bushveld

One day festivals are just as awesome as 4 days festivals but if it’s happening in the Slowveld then it’s even better and Rock of the Bushveld is just that: one awesome festival in the Lowveld.

In any event you need to ask yourself the following – what, where, why, when and lastly why not?

The What: Rock of the Bushveld is in it’s baby shoes but it’s organised by a panel of different people with backgrounds like sound engineering, musicians, venue owners, etc. This festival is truly one of it’s kind in the Lowveld although it’s not the first one. There are only 1500 tickets available but you can be sure that the R100 you pay for your ticket is also going to a good cause. Some of the proceeds of the ticket sales are going towards the Nelspruit M.O.T.H Club. So, not only will you be rocking out to kief sounds but you will be a good Samaritan.

Rock of the Bushveld

There will be food stalls, a kids corner and a cash bar (so bring cash). Just a note that no cooler boxes or own liquor will be allowed at the venue. No liquor will be sold to under 18’s and I really urge parents of teens to respect this rule.

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The Where: This awesome one day festival is taking place at Kwanyoni Lodge which is situated about 14 km outside Nelspruit on the way to Joburg. The venue is unique with large grassy areas, thorn trees and beautiful chalets. Of course you can book a night at this lodge by calling them on 013 733 3457 (space is limited for the 15th of August) and sleep over. There is no camping available at this year’s fest so if you are planning on driving back to the city, better do so sober.

And how you get there is so easy it’s ridiculous. You drive out on the N4 towards Pretoria and after you get the Golden Spot Garage (Nkomazi) you need to start to slow down. You’ll get the Alkmaar turn off on the right and then you need to turn left. The first thing you will see is the lodge. If this is confusing you, visit their website to get the GPS co-ordinates.

The Why: Like it was mentioned above it’s for the love of music and charity. Plenty of times people have said that they don’t see anything happening in the Lowveld or they just make excuses. Well, unless you are going to Dan Patlansky on the same day you have no excuses. Here is an opportunity to see a wide range of musicians both local and national. The last time aKING played in the Lowveld was at Innibos 2013 and Jan Blohm is also back after a long absence.


The When: On Saturday the 15th of August you can come enjoy the lekker vibes of Rock of the Bushveld from 11 AM. Get your tickets before hand at the following places in Nelspruit: Cicada restaurant at Sonpark Boulevard, The Pub restaurant in Jones street, Big Five Harley-Davidson dealership in Riverside, Kwanyoni Lodge at Alkmaar and
Rooikat Liquor Store (in Nelspruit / White River).

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The Why Not: The trouble is always that most Lowvelders don’t know the bands or have in the past and simply don’t show up for the shows. Let me tell you that I’ve seen every single band that is on this line up and trust me it’s not a bad one. See it this way, if you don’t get out of your comfort zone you might never know this big beautiful world we live in and the music to fit it. Kids are welcome as there is entertainment for them or call up a baby sitter. Whatever you do – don’t miss out on this lekker vibe and support local venues.

For more info visit the Rock of the Bushveld Facebook page or call 079 5213789.

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